We’ve compiled a list of all our favorite CHAARG reads! The list is always growing + you can let us know what your favs are with #CHAARGBookClub!

101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think


This book has 101 essays about purpose, passions, + daily routines to help give people wisdom + different perspectives about life! All the essays are very short which makes for a fun + easy read! This is such an amazing + helpful book when you need an outside perspective!

How to Build a Goddamn Empire


This is the perfect book for any future girl boss! This book is filled with real-world wisdom from a female entrepreneur as she shares her stories of her building her brand + herself in the business world. After reading this book, you’ll feel like you’re ready to pursue your dreams + take over the world!

Ugly Love


This is the perfect romance book to read! This book focuses on two career-driven adults who are both new to love. As you read their story, we guarantee you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time just waiting to see what happens next!

You Are a Badass Every Day


This is the most perfect motivational book! This book is filled with one hundred exercises, reflections, + cues that you can use to realign your focus + goals that you can read + practice each day. Each exercise is one page – which makes it easy to read!

The Things We Hide From the Light


This is an amazing romance book about a small town romance! The Things We Hide From the Light is part of a series with two other books + you’ll never want to put this book down!

Wedding Crashers


Just like the title, this romance book is about wedding crashers. It’s fun, flirty, + shows that opposites attract! Get yours here!

The Summer I Turned Pretty


This Summer romance will leave you on the edge of your seats. Centered around family dynamics, love triangle, + the beach!

Built to Last


All about second chances from friends to lovers. Built to last showcases the love of two home renovators. You won’t want to put this book down!

The Perfect Marriage


This read is full of twists + turns on every page – it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end! It’s the perfect suspenseful book!

Good Vibes Good Life


This inspiring read needs to be next on your list! Featuring personal stories + wisdom from Vex King, this book will encourage you to practice self-care, overcome toxic energy + prioritize your wellbeing 

Mrs. Everything


Two sisters’ lives from the 1950s to the present are explored as they struggle to find their places + be true to themselves in this exciting book. It is a must read!

Carrie Soto is Back


An epic adventure about a female athlete perhaps past her prime, brought back to the tennis court for one last grand slam in a heart-touching book. Check it out here!

Daisy Jones + the Six


This gripping novel tells the story about the whirlwind rise of an iconic 1970s rock group + their beautiful lead singer, revealing the mystery behind their infamous breakup. It’s even becoming its own mini-series on Amazon Prime, releasing on March 1!

The Unhoneymooners


This romantic comedy tells the tale of two sworn enemies during the Hawaiian trip of a lifetime. It’s the perfect read for spring break!

The Bromance Book Club


This sweet romantic comedy novel is filled with lots of laughs, honest romance, + lots of heart. We couldn’t recommend this more!

The Wife Between Us


For fans of Gone Girl, this suspenseful read is jaw-dropping + unforgettable. We highly recommend this!

The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue


A story about a girl who is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets – until 300 years later a boy in a bookstore remembers her name. Such a good read that you won’t want to put down!

The Inheritance Games Trilogy


Thrilling twists, juicy secrets, swoonworthy romance – need we say more? This series follows a girl named Avery when a billionaire dies + leaves Avery virtually his entire fortune. Avery has no idea why – or even who the billionaire is. A must read!

Things We Never Got Over


Funny, emotional, + has all the small town feels. One of the best unexpected romances that you’ll have to stay up late to finish.

Where The Crawdads Sing


This popular book released as a movie this summer + is all the rage. Grab the book here!

The Handmaid’s Tale


The Handmaid’s Tale will shock you with its sci-fi + dystopian universe [even if you watch the Hulu show!]… perfect for The Hunger Games fans

Poisonwood Bible


If you were inspired by The Alchemist, this book will inspire you further on growth, different cultures coming together + family sticking through it all 

Born A Crime


Love Americanah?  Trevor Noah’s story of growing up in South Africa during Apartheid + using his background as comedy inspiration his own late night TV show!

Where The Crawdads Sing


This popular book released as a movie this summer + is all the rage. Grab the book here!

CHAARG Bolt Beanie


The perfect winter accessory! This cozy CHAARG beanie is the perfect addition to your outerwear gear collection.

Elderberry Syrup


Game. Changer. Elderberry syrup has a ton of health benefits but our favorite is that it is a savior when it comes to your immune system! No more winter sickness!

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pop Tarts


Out of all the pumpkin things we love from Trader Joe’s — these poptarts top the list! Grab a box here before they’re gone for the season!

Conversations With Friends


An easy + fun read about friendships, Conversations With Friends is perfect for a study break or to read over Thanksgiving! Unwind + grab your copy here.

CHAARG Bolt Beanie


The perfect winter accessory! This cozy CHAARG beanie is the perfect addition to your outerwear gear collection.

Elderberry Syrup


Game. Changer. Elderberry syrup has a ton of health benefits but our favorite is that it is a savior when it comes to your immune system! No more winter sickness!

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pop Tarts


Out of all the pumpkin things we love from Trader Joe’s — these poptarts top the list! Grab a box here before they’re gone for the season!

Conversations With Friends


An easy + fun read about friendships, Conversations With Friends is perfect for a study break or to read over Thanksgiving! Unwind + grab your copy here.

Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin Granola


Purely Elizabeth is our favorite granola ever + this flavor tops our list of fav pumpkin flavored things! Run don’t walk to try it for yourself here!

Cocoa Butter Chapstick


Say goodbye to chapped lips this winter! Cocoa Butter is the BEST chapstick around + the only way to survive Chicago winters!

When Life Gives You Lulu Lemons


A novel spinoff of The Devil Wears Prada, this book is a fun + easy read during the holidays! Grab your copy here + let us know what you think with #CHAARGBookClub!

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask  


Best. Exfoliator. Ever. This pumpkin enzyme mask will last forever + leave your skin feeling amazing for the holidays!

La Colombe Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte


 La Colombe + Pumpkin Spice = all our dreams come true. Haven’t had a La Colombe draft latte yet? Your taste buds will thank us ; ) Grab a pack of 16.

Vitamin C


The key to surviving cold + flu season! Vitamin C is our go-to supplement + these packets are perfect for when you’re on the run or traveling.  Just add water + drink! Grab a pack here

Kiehl’s Body Butter


With cooler weather comes dryer skin… but we’ve got you covered! This lotion from Kiehl’s is super moisturizing + a little goes a long way so it lasts forever!

CHAARG Bolt Hoodie


A CHAARG shop fav! This hoodie is our coziest sweatshirt yet + is perfect for layering on chilly days. Grab yours here to rock around campus!

NUMI Golden Milk Latte


Golden milk is full of health benefits, antioxidants, + is pretty much the ultimate cure for any fall blues! You can make it at home just by heating up milk of your choice [our fav is oat!] + adding a teaspoon of Numi’s Golden Latte Mix!

Letter Board


Finally hopping on the letter board trend! These can add decor to any space + you can easily change for the occasion.  Grab one here!

Biena Chickpea Snacks


The cure for long study sessions — SNACKS. These roasted chickpeas from Biena are full of protein, delicious, + have a ton of different flavors [try: honey roasted + BBQ]

Aerie Sweater


It wouldn’t be a fall obsessions list with a cozy sweater! This sweater from Aerie is the softest material — you won’t want to take it off!

Wall Lights


We’re obsessed with these lights! Perfect for wall decor or to frame a window/door frame in your apartment or dorm room. Grab them here!

Travel Mug


There’s not much we love more than a good travel mug… + this one comes in CHAARG blue [+tons of other colors]! ; ) Grab one + take it to those 8AM classes with you. Find it here!

Butternut Squash Soup


The most underrated food of fall — Butternut Squash! There’s a ton of different ways to mix it into your meals but this soup from Minimalist Baker is our fav + so easy to make [plus it’s vegan/gf!].

Vinyasa Scarf


This scarf is a Lululemon *classic* + has snaps so it can be worn a million different ways AKA it’ll never go out of style! They come out with new colors every season + you can see this year’s here.

Simple Mills Pumpkin Bread Mix


The Simple Mills obsession continues… with Pumpkin Muffins! They are gluten free + can be made vegan. A new fall essential. Grab a box + enjoy.

Blue Q Bag


Packing your lunch everyday can be a drag, so spice it up with a fun bag! The perfect buy for any meal prepper — find yours here.



The fix for tight muscles? A Lacrosse ball! Use it to roll out muscle knots + massage sore areas. Simple but VERY effective. Grab a pack of 6.

Capri Blue Candle


This candle will have your whole room smelling like Anthropologie in 20 minutes + last forever! Count us in! With different sizes + colors — it’s the perfect way to ring in fall. You can get yours here.

Fuzzy Blanket


We can’t have a fall obsessions list without a fuzzy blanket! Target has great everything but their blankets top our list of essentials.  Pick from their wide variety of colors here!

You Are A Badass


If you’ve ever felt stuck or wondered how to level up your life — this book is for you! It’s all about how to raise your vibration + stop doubting yourself [no surprise that we love it!]. Get your copy here!

Passion Planner


The secret behind every successful woman — A PLANNER! Passion Planners are great because they have weekly//monthly reflections + you can map out the steps to achieve all your goals this year!

Once Upon A Pumpkin Cookbook


50. Pumpkin. Recipes. A true fall necessity! Even if you’re challenged in the kitchen — this book is full of simple [+ delicious!] recipes to get you in the fall spirit.  Grab yours here + be sure to post your creations + tag @CHAARG on Instagram!

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter


Run don’t walk to Trader Joe’s because they have pumpkin EVERYTHING. Pancakes, almond milk, biscotti, salsa, + MORE. This pumpkin butter is one of our fav fall items but we’d recommend just getting one of everything 😉

RX Bar Nut Butter Packets


This is not a drill — RX Bar sells packets of nut butter. They are heaven. They are easy to throw in your bag for a snack. They are perfect in every way. You can even buy a pack of 3 flavors- Regular, Honey Cinnamon, + Vanilla [our fav!].

Aura Cacia Essential Oils


Essential oils are a great way to relax + unwind during exams season! Aura Cacia has 4 packs so you can try different kinds + learn about the benefits of each. We also have blog posts about everything essential oils!

Aztec Clay Face Mask


Mix with a little water or apply cider vinegar + this clay mask will completely clear your pores! You only need 10 minutes for this mask to purify your skin + have it feeling silky smooth! Plus you only need a small amount so it lasts FOREVER.

Pink Clay Mask


This mask will make your skin SO SOFT. We love that it’s a powder — just mix with water to use! We’ll definitely be adding this one to our Self-Care Wish List. Grab it here!

Autumn’s Granola

CHAARG’s Reading List

We’ve been grabbing these *delicious* granola bars on busy days or to fuel up before a workout — they’re grain- + gluten-free, ++ are amazing crumbled up + sprinkled over yogurt. Grab them here!

Juice Beauty Cleanser


This one is also on our list of our favorite “green beauty” products here! We’re all for a clean cleanser that smells incredible. Check it out here!


This book is filled with bits of inspiration + motivation from women in so many different industries! Grab a copy to keep on your coffee table or dorm room this Fall for daily inspo. Find it here!

Adidas Running Shoes


From running to class to running at the gym — these shoes are our go-to! Find them in tons of different colors… + get them in only two days ; ). Find them here!

Summer Read


This is the perfect end-of-summer read! Grab the book here + once you’re finished, grab this matching card deck to give you all the inspiration this Fall <3

Dry Brushing Set


Looking for a new self-care obsession? Try dry brushing! Read all about it here + grab a dry brush set here!

Charcoal Mask


This mask leaves your skin so silky smooth! We’ve been dying to try a charcoal mask + we’re so happy we found this one! Grab it here.

Sanuk Flip Flops


We will be LIVING in these flip flops this summer. The bottoms literally feel like you’re standing on a really thick, cushy yoga mat… pure heaven! Grab them here — there are tons of colors to choose from!

Made Good


Traveling this 4th of July? Say hello to our go-to road trip snacks. Sure, granola bars are great, but granola bites are a lot more fun ; ) Grab them in multiple flavors here!

The Alchemist


This is a fun, easy read that anyone would enjoy. It tells of a boy’s search for “wordly treasure” that leads to a self-discovery journey… + ultimately, learns to listen to his heart + follow his dream. It’s such a great vacation book! Grab it here.

Witch Hazel Toner


Nothing says summer skincare like Witch Hazel! This amazing toner is great to use before or after your sweat sesh. It’s soothing + cleans our skin wonderfully. Our favorite is Thayer’s Rose Water Toner! Find more summer skincare recs here ; )

Avocado Mask


We love all TonyMoly face masks + this one is no exception. On Amazon, you can buy singles so you can try them all! Make sure you pick up one of the avo masks, they are so refreshing + hydrating for dry, summer skin. Check them out here!

Foam Roller


Dealing with sore muscles from the #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP? ; ) We love this foam roller! The best part? It comes in CHAARG blue ; ) Grab one here!

Tea Box


CHAARG HQ is full of tea drinkers [we all made the switch from coffee to tea!] + we had to get one of these for our office! It is the perfect way to store all of your teas + see what you have on hand ; ). Grab yours here!

Running Belt


Running season is hereee! There is nothing better than going on a run in the sunshine, but we hate finding little pockets in our leggings/tanks/etc. to store our things. This running belt holds EVERYTHING [+ even fits the iPhone plus!]. Check it out here!

Perfect Bars


If you haven’t tried a Perfect Bar, we promise you’ll be obsessed. Our favorite? Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter! These are a staple when you’re constantly on the go in the summer. Grab them here!

NUUN Hydration


There is nothing worse than getting dehydrated after a challenging workout or a hot day. These tablets are a lifesaver when it comes to hydration. Plus — they taste AMAZING. Our go-to flavor is the strawberry lemonade. Grab them here!

CHAARG Water Bottle


Speaking of hydration… we’re a little biased, but the CHAARG Water Bottle is a serious obsession ; ). It’s glass [aka much easier to clean!] + can be carried easily with the top handle. Shop here!

Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil has so many uses + benefits! We use it as a makeup remover, hair mask [hellooo soft + shiny hair!], + in the summer as a moisturizer [more on transitioning your skincare routine to summer here]. Check it out here!

Figure that shift out


This month, we released TWO podcasts with life/biz coach, Chris McAlister [he worked with Elisabeth/CHAARG for three years!]. We can’t speak more highly about this book — if you’re interested in growing as a leader [+ a human!], grab it here.

natural calm


In light of Mental Health Month, we wanted to share one of our team’s favorite go-to’s for whenever we’re anxious or feel like we’ll have a difficult time sleeping. This magnesium powder can be enjoyed as a warm “tea” + tastes like a sweet tart ; ) Check it out here!

Minimalist Notebooks


We’re obsessed with these notebooks — they’re perfect for journaling! The best part? You can select your own color/paper combo. Whether you love dotted, plain, or lined paper, you can grab a notebook with that paper style! Grab one here : )

Yogi Stress Relief Tea


Speaking of Mental Health Month… we also wanted to share this Yogi Stress Relief Tea. The honey lavender flavor is amazing! Find it here!

One line a day journal


If you’re not into free-flow journaling + a notebook filled with empty pages intimidates you, try a one line a day journal! This journal has one line for every day of the year, for 5 years. The idea of this is that you can write down any sentence for the day + go back year after year to reflect + see what you’ve written in previous years! Check it out here.

universe deck


Our team loves these cards [we even pick one every week at our team meeting ; )] — they are full of inspiration + words of wisdom to help you get through the week, or any challenging season of your life. Grab them here!

Beauty Collagen


You can find a recipe using this collagen here [we seriously make this smoothie at least 2x/week] or add it to anything for a little collagen boost. Read more about the benefits of it here + grab the Vital Proteins collagen here!

The coziest blanket


Curl up with our newest playlist – Reset + ReCHAARG – ++ this cozy blanket. Not only is it super affordable, it’s super soft [+ comes in tons of colors/textures!]. We strongly believe that you can never have too many blankets. Grab it here!

Silicon Straws


Are you a straw lover? Sub your plastic straw for a more sustainable option! We love the colors of these silicon straws, but if you’re looking for more of a classic option – check out these metal straws!

A Call To Courage


If you haven’t watched this new Netflix special, stop what you’re doing + WATCH IT NOW! Brené Brown is talking all about vulnerability — from what it looks like to truly be vulnerable, the story behind her famous TED Talk, + personal stories from her life. Watch it here!



In light of Earth Day this week, we’re sharing an affordable [+ CHAARG blue ; )] tumbler! It also comes in two other sizes. Grab it here!

Dead Sea Mask


If you struggle with breakouts + clogged pores, we can’t say enough good things about this mask. Plus, the tub is huge + a little bit goes a long way, so it will last you a while! Grab it here : )

Birth Charts


If you don’t know how much we love astrology + birth charts, now you know! Lauren from @themodernastrologer just contributed a guest post on the blog that walks you through how to read your birth chart [it is great for beginners!]. Check it out here!

Mint Tea


Mint tea is calming, refreshing, + has an entire list of health benefits, like… helping with an upset stomach, relieving headaches, + improve seasonal allergies [YES PLEASE]. Grab it here! You can also turn into a pretty great mocktail ; )

Collagen Eye Masks


Carla talks about these in her guest blog post here + we had to try! We have to say they work wonders for under eye puffiness + they are just fun for a girls’ night in! Grab ’em here.

Oatmeal Yogurt Bowls


In Instagram land, we saw @eatsbyames create an “oatmeal yogurt bowl” + we’re hooked. Adding yogurt to your oats will give you extra protein, probiotics, ++ spice up your typical oat recipe! PS — this is an amazing Instagram account to follow for recipes! She is a college student, so her recipes are quick + simple!

Silicone Bags


We’re sure you’ve seen these reusable, environmentally friendly bags in the kitchen ((we love them for storing produce + frozen fruit!)), but another use for them is traveling! If you’re worried about transporting your shampoo + beauty products on vacation, pack them in one of these! Order our favs here.

Zest Tea


As much caffeine as a cup of coffee? Yes please. We’re obsessed with the “Blue Lady” flavor, but they make so many different flavors to try. Grab them here!