Re — “What Does It Mean To Be A Good Human?”

The below email is a response to this post . Just as a side note, I always love receiving your emails or instagrams relating to these posts! I want to do a better job at sharing your thoughts + continuing the conversation, hence the reason for this post : ).

Hi Elisabeth!

Just a fan of your blog who wanted to respond and share something that made me think of you after reading your most recent blog post!

I grew up with the news on in the background during my entire 18 years before moving to college (honestly mostly because my mom refuses to not have it on after 9/11 happened). Since moving to college I’ve gotten rid of the TV altogether, but more importantly, I’ve been able to turn down the *negativity dial* I like to call it, because I am not constantly bombarded with scandals and scenes of horrific occurrences happening all over the world.

But I don’t want to be ignorant.

When I see things like Flint, Michigan STILL not having clean drinking water, children being ripped from their parents, and so much more, it makes me enraged. And ill. And helpless. But not so much helpless in the sense that I am not receiving help, but rather that I can’t give it.

At the end of the day, all that I want to be is a good human. And the only way I can realistically do it without my mind exploding + my morale hitting rock bottom is by being a good human to *my* humans : ) The strangers I see at the grocery store, the passengers on my flight, my professors, my classmates, my friends, my friends’ friends, my family, my coworkers, my CHAARG gals ;), waiters/waitresses, and the little old ladies that are alone at the nail salon (basically anyone that I come across!) Maybe a smile doesn’t mean anything to the person I gave it to, or maybe that day was particularly tough and it meant *everything*.

I may not be able to solve world hunger or end domestic violence and sexual assault and there may still be people standing in the way of the solutions I hope for, but you said it so well in your blog post: it starts in your community + the people you can be ‘good’ to all the time- whether that means giving them an extra hand, asking, listening, or lifting.

And while you may not have found yourself in a situation where you could speak up for someone who was the punchline of a joke, you have the awareness and the intent to do it — if it happens tomorrow or next week or five years from now. And that makes you a good human even if you haven’t done it yet, because I know you will.

A few days ago I cam across this tweet from a former CIA military analyst. She posted a thread of tweets called ‘How to handle the seemingly never-ending deluge of depressing and disturbing news’.

Here is the link to this woman’s Twitter profile. If you find her ‘pinned tweet’ right at the top, that is where the thread starts:

Sorry that this is so long!! Your blog post made me think a lot, so thank you for helping me start my week feeling grounded + lucky to know such a good human : )

Julia ((@jshaun_incaharg))

ALL THE YES to this email… + I absolutely loved the twitter thread. You guys have to read it! Thanks so much for sharing, Julia.

Let’s continue using our voices + actions for positive impact.

Rooting for you always,


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