There’s going to be a way more exciting CHAARG Bootycamp Q+A on The CHAARG Podcast with multiple people on it, aka not just me writing questions + then answering them myself ; ). That podcast comes out tomorrow — so stay tuned! BUT, for those of you who want to get the run through without having to listen to us talk for 30+ minutes ((or longer, as you know we love to be long-winded!)), I gotchu covered. ALSO! This could be helpful if you are more of a visual learner, like me!

((ps — Read the *official deets* here! Registration opens June 3!))

First — what is a CHAARG Bootycamp?

The CHAARG Bootycamp is our Summer FitPlan — a virtual, interactive workout program. You’ll have access to six weeks of daily sweat seshes, mini workouts to complete on the go, a 10-day meal plan, our CHAARG Registered Dietitian [our newest addition that we are so excited about!]… + so much more! Everything will be available to you on CHAARG.com. Our mission is to give you the tools to live your healthiest summer, as well as to connect you to thousands of other women across the country who will be completing this program at the same time as you!

Is this FitPlan different than the other ones you put on?

Yes! We put on two other FitPlans throughout the year [one is in the fall + one is in the spring!] — the CHAARG Bootycamp is different from the other two because your workouts can literally be done ANYWHERE : ) The other FitPlans include machines you’d find at the gym, but in the summer we realize that not everyone has access to a gym… plus, people are BUSY — it’s so nice to just be able to do the workouts at your house or outside!

What equipment do I need?

One set of dumbbells ((we recommend 5 to 12 pounds — I prefer 10)), a jump rope, + a yoga mat!

What does the weekly workout schedule look like?

M + W + F = Strength Training… almost always involving a set of dumbbells.

  • M = Arms
  • W = Booty, #HumpDay
  • F = Full Bod

T + TH + Weekends = Cardio, Mini Sweat Seshes, or REST!

  • 12 cardio workouts — but you can always create your own, go to a cardio class, or just get your steps in!
  • 12 mini sweat seshes — these are all 15 minutes or less, meant to be your workout for the day when you are crunched for time or traveling… or if you want to go crazy, + double up ; ).
  • We highly encourage rest days — at least 1–2 per week. Yoga or walking is fine, but listen to your body ++ don’t overdo it!

Do you have to be at a certain fitness level to participate in the CHAARG Bootycamp?

Definitely not. All of our workouts can be modified — we actually have a *Turn It Up + Tone It Down* section for every strength training day. You can also easily modify the rests + weights to fit your fitness level — we just provide recommendations. If you ever have ANY questions, you can also post in the Facebook page. Most of the time, another member will respond within minutes or even seconds!

How do I access the CHAARG Bootycamp workouts?

You will receive a members-only login that will take you to the CHAARG Bootycamp Portal. This is for your use only + we appreciate you not sharing it with others!

IP addresses are monitored, so please do not share your login. We’ve had this issue in the past, + have seen people abusing this. We work very hard to ensure that our members have an amazing experience + appreciate your respect on this.

How do I access the CHAARG Bootycamp workouts?

Inside the portal, you’ll have access to your workouts, the 10-Day Meal Plan, recipes, exercise videos, a summer bucketlist + more! We also send you daily or weekly motivational workouts… your choice!

10–Day Meal Plan? Tell me more.

We’re bringing on a CHAARD RD for this FitPlan + we are so freaking excited! Lydia Nader [listen to her on The CHAARG Podcast here!] will be creating not only a 10-Day Meal Plan for us to complete together right after the fourth of July, weekly recipes, nutrition tips, + WEBINARS! Yes, you’ll be able to skype in + ask her any nutrition question you want : ). She will also be a part of the Facebook Group, so you can ask her questions there as well!


Are you Team Black or Team White? Or BOTH? I might have to get both tanks — they are so cute! You can only get the tank if you are participating in the FitPlan! You can either buy it alone… or grab the bundle which includes: The FitPlan, The Endless Summer Tank, + CHAARG Bootycamp Sticker for $59 ((regular price is $78!)).

Do I have to be a CHAARG member to sign up? Do I have to be in college?

Nope + nope ; ). In fact, this is a perfect way to get a feel for the CHAARG community if you are interested in becoming a CHAARG member at your university. ++ we just launched CHAARG FOR GRADS! Life after college can be hard, + we want to help you find your community post grad! You don’t have to be in our CHAARG For Grads program to participate in the CHAARG Bootycamp, but those who are a part of the program will have a chance to connect with each other on a deeper level, which could be an added benefit to you!

What’s the best way to make the most out of The CHAARG Bootycamp?

This is so different for anyone. The first thing I would recommend is for you to journal about your goals//intentions for this FitPlan. Do you want to meet people? Do you want to establish a workout routine? Do you want to feel confident? Do you want to have a healthier relationship with food? Once you understand your *why* you can create practices within your routine that allow you to accomplish your *why*. AND, we also created a printable Fit Journal for you to help you hold yourself accountable ++ reach your goals. ;: )

Something that I don’t think is talked about often, but that is more of an unspoken understanding for those who have completed a FitPlan before is how incredible + important the community is. Imagine 1000+ girls completing the FitPlan at the same time as you! You have built in accountability + the most empowering cheerleaders. We really are all in this together.

How do I sign up?

Registration opens Sunday, June 3 at 5 PM CST ++ closes on Wednesday, June 13 at Midnight! Head to shop.chaarg.com to grab your FitPlan//Bundle! + share that you are participating in the #CHAARGBOOTYCAMP with your girlfriends, too! The more, the better : )



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