Q+A With CHAARG Ambassadors

We are on the hunt for the next CHAARG Ambassadors to start a CHAARG Chapter at their university next semester [check out our Start A Chapter page!].

We wanted to find a way for those interested in starting a Chapter to have a deeper understanding of what it really means to be an Ambassador. CHAARG would not be what it is today without our Ambassadors. These women took a leap of faith in us + put their hearts into spreading the CHAARG movement at their university. They have changed girl’s lives. We am forever thankful for these beautiful women + fearless leaders ++ for the impact they are making on girls everywhere. <3

We wanted to share with you a little bit of what goes on inside the heart of a CHAARG Ambassador. Grab a cup of coffee + become inspired.

#1] Why did you want to become a CHAARG Ambassador?

“Within a couple weeks of joining CHAARG, I had already fallen completely in love with everything that CHAARG did, stood for, + made me feel. For the first time, I loved something so wholeheartedly that I knew that I had to be a part of it in a bigger way. I wanted to make other girls feel as loved + empowered as I now did. I believed in CHAARG’s mission so much that applying to be the Ambassador was the first time I felt completely comfortable, content, + safe with putting myself out there, despite not knowing the outcome because I knew that no matter what happened, I had found a community + family on campus whose impact would stay with me forever.” Zainab Imami, University of Michigan

#2] How do you plan to make CHAARG successful at your university?

“Our number one marketing tool for potential new members was social media! Most of our founding members heard about CHAARG from a random FB post or IG post, so they recognized us once we started tabling + having a presence on campus. Post-recruitment, we made our Chapter successful by creating spaces + a community for members to engage positively with each other ++ build relationships. As an exec team member, it’s important to create + maintain the momentum ++ structure of the organization, but the members are really what make the Chapter successful! So — listen to feedback, be organized, + try to embody the CHAARG values in your life + leadership!” Avery Collard, Northeastern University

#3] What is the most important quality to have as a CHAARG Ambassador? 

“It’s hard to pick just *one* quality but I do think one of the most important would have to be passion. In order to keep your exec team + Chapter alive, the Ambassador must truly radiate the CHAARG core values through her passion ++ love of the incredible mission behind CHAARG. Without passion from an Ambassador, team bonding would be difficult, members wouldn’t feel motivated to participate, + the CHAARG community wouldn’t be interested in sharing ideas/events! With passion, an Ambassador has the chance to inspire, communicate, work through tough times, + ultimately *radiate positive vibes* to all!” Haylee Fisher, Kent State University

#4] How would you describe your exec team + what is it like working with them?

“I would describe my exec team as some of the most hardworking girls I know! They are always on top of things, but are also not afraid to have a little fun! Spending so much time with one another has really lead us to break down our barriers + get to know each other for our true selves! I have had some of my biggest laughs with my exec team + also some of my proudest moments when we collectively see all of our hard work pay off! Getting to build up your Chapter’s community is so great when you get to do it with a great girl gang!” Samantha Mikesell, Michigan State University

#5] How has CHAARG helped you grow as a person? 

“Before joining CHAARG, I was a super insecure + soft-spoken girl with no home base on campus. I was struggling immensely with my mental health + self worth ++ thought nothing I said was worthwhile. I cannot tell you specifically what it was that made me jump on board so quickly, but being on the founding exec team + then becoming Ambassador [going into my 2nd year now!] has absolutely changed me for the better. Jumping head on into this organization + forcing myself to meet new people constantly + become familiar [+ then after awhile, comfortable] with talking in front of others about what I’m passionate about has taken my self-worth + skyrocketed it. The biggest thing I’ve found in CHAARG is my purpose, which truly ended up being the one thing I needed. Now that I have a home base + a place where I feel comfortable outwardly expressing myself, I have a safe + constant place to continue to grow every day. I’ve found my home in CHAARG, + that’s allowed me to find my best self as well.” Moira Green, Iowa State University

#6] What was it like starting a new Chapter?

“Starting a new Chapter was the most empowering thing I’ve done in my life. It’s definitely not a small task, but seeing your Chapter grow + seeing members become like a family is beyond rewarding. A few months after starting the process to become an Ambassador, you’ll be at a CHAARG event, look around, + think “Oh my gosh, this is my hard work paying off.” It’s incredible!” Natalia Donohue, West Chester University

#7] What was the moment you knew you had to apply to become a CHAARG Ambassador?

“The moment that I knew I had to apply to become an Ambassador was this summer at the Leadership Retreat! I had considered applying previously, but I was honestly scared + did not think that I was capable of following in the previous Ambassadors’ footsteps. I knew I had to apply when we won the premiere Chapter award. I immediately started crying + was so happy to receive this award ++ to be recognized for all of the hard work that our exec team had put in during the last year. After talking in front of all of the girls at the retreat and giving Taylor a huge hug, I immediately knew that I eventually wanted to lead the amazing community that we had built at UMass. CHAARG has completely changed my life in the best way possible, + I am so excited to be able to continue to give that opportunity to other girls + lead an exec team of girls who are as dedicated ++ passionate about giving that opportunity to our members as well.” Haley Diman, University of Massachusetts

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