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As you guys know, we are on the hunt for the next CHAARG Ambassadors to start a CHAARG Chapter at their universities next semester [email chapters@chaarg.com if you are interested in an application!].

We wanted to find a way for girls to have a deeper understanding of what it really means to be an Ambassador. I say this all the time but, CHAARG would not be what it is today without our Ambassadors. These girls took a leap of faith in us + put their hearts into spreading the CHAARG movement at their university. Not only did they succeed in inspiring a few girls to #JoinTheMovement — they have inspired hundreds. HUNDREDS. They have changed girl’s lives. I am forever thankful for these beautiful women + fearless leaders ++ for the impact they are making on girls everywhere. <3

Now, I’ll let them do the talking + share with you a little bit of what goes on inside the heart of a CHAARG Ambassador. Grab a cup of coffee + become inspired.

1] Why did you want to become a CHAARG Ambassador?

In my first two years at Ohio State, the past 2 Ambassadors were such significant role models for me. From Emelie’s visible work ethic + passion, to Claudia’s love for people + relationships, I learned so much about how to live a life that places importance on balance, relationships, + motivation. Through seeing them as leaders, I had this whimsy dream that I could do the same thing for other girls: remind them what they’re capable of + encourage them to chase their dreams, no matter how big. To be honest, I don’t think I actually believed I had it in me but I’m so thankful that I followed my heart + went for it. Becoming a CHAARG Ambassador was a way that I knew I could pay-it-forward + empower girls the way that I was empowered, encouraged, + loved in my first years of college. // Kelsey Cassidy, Ohio State University 

2] How do you plan to make CHAARG successful at your university?

Information sessions, social media, + sample events during recruitment week will attract girls to CHAARG — but our most effective tool will be exposing the girls at UCF to CHAARG’s community + what we believe in. Positive vibes are contagious  + once we are on campus taking over the gym for small groups, doing Weekly Workouts outside, + meeting all around UCF, girls will notice our presence. There are many fitness opportunities on campus, but once girls realize the benefit of having a support group on the journey of finding their fit, they will realize CHAARG can do incredible things for their lives. This is why it is so crucial to have a rockstar exec team + really get to know your founding members, as this carries the national CHAARG culture to UCF. // Jill Jernas, University of Central Florida

3] What is the most important quality to have as a CHAARG Ambassador? 

Every CHAARG Ambassador is unique in many ways, + although great Ambassadors could possess many different qualities that make them great leaders there is one quality that I think is most important to have as a leader for an organization such as CHAARG. This quality is passion. A passion for fitness, passion for the organization itself, + a passion for helping the girls around you find their fit is the passion necessary to lead the empowering movement that CHAARG is. Even though every CHAARG Ambassador possesses a mixture of unique qualities that makes them great in their own way, the passion that every CHAARG Ambassador has for the organization that they lead makes each CHAARG Ambassador the successful leader that they are. // Brooke Salazaar, University of Toledo

4] How would you describe your exec team + what is it like working with them?

I LOVE my exec team. These girls come from all different backgrounds + stories yet share the biggest passion for health + fitness. Each one of them brings a unique component to our team from creativity, sass, spunkyness, simplicity, to adventure. These girls are true CHAARG leaders + radiate what it means to be a CHAARG girl in every aspect of life. These girls are more than just fellow CHAARGies or teammates, they are my best fiends + family. 

Working with these girls is incredible. We laugh, we cry, we disagree, but at the end of the day we are doing everything we can to make our chapter great. Being able to share this passion with six other girls honestly keeps me sane. If it wasn’t for them I don’t know if I would be the leader I am today or chapter have the opportunities it has. Working with them continuously inspires me to be the best leader, CHAARGies, friend, + person I can be. // Hannah Maynard, Capital University

5] How has CHAARG helped you grow as a person? 

CHAARG has helped me grow in my confidence and has helped me realize that it is okay to not always be right and to not always succeed. Through CHAARG I have learned that my failures are just another opportunity to grow and not something to beat myself up over! Since becoming a leader for CHAARG I am more confident in my strengths and more open about my weaknesses. I have learned that my weaknesses are not something to be ashamed of but something I can use to grow as a leader and a person! // Katie Porter, University of Kentucky

6] What was it like starting a new chapter?

Starting a new chapter was such a whirlwind. It taught me to be more bossy [something almost every coach I had when I was younger told me I needed to work on]. I had to call the shots, push deadlines, and make sure things were going right. It was so busy, but so rewarding and empowering to see it all develop. I had never imagined myself doing something like that before I found CHAARG. It taught me to take myself seriously and not be afraid to call the shots. //Maggie Turk, University of Iowa

7] What was the moment you knew you had to apply to become a CHAARG Ambassador?

I knew I had to become a CHAARG Ambassador when a much smaller community of girls working out together started to form my sophomore year.  I then learned that CHAARG existed + knew it would be the perfect org for my campus since we don’t have a huge fitness center.  The girls are definitely intimidated by the weight room + maybe not sure about trying group fitness classes on their own. CHAARG has provided an outlet for that while also helping the girls who may have never found a place in a sorority or another org to welcomed at Belmont. I think CHAARG has been one of the best things for not only myself this past year, but for the girls here + our campus life ++ I can’t wait to see where it goes this year! // Maren Johnson, Belmont University

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