How To Prepare To Have Your Most Productive Week

Maybe it’s the anticipation of several tough exams or another five days of a job you just can’t stand, but the start of a new week often brings up feelings of dread. Needless to say, thinking about our endless to-do lists, trying to eat healthy, attempting to make it to the gym + of course, socializing all at once can be overwhelming to say the least. All of that stress can lead to an *I’m too stressed to do this right now* attitude + by the end of the week we feel as if we haven’t accomplished anything. CHAARG BOOTYCAMP is here, so it’s time to do away with those *Sunday Scaries* + learn to prepare ourselves to have the most productive week possible for the next 6 weeks [+ beyond]! Here’s how —


Physical clutter can often leave us feeling mentally//emotionally cluttered. Start your week off right by organizing your living space. Do your laundry [+ maybe make a *giveaway* pile ; )], find a home for the thirty different beauty products on your bathroom counter + vacuum the dog hair off of your floor. Make sure your designated *work* area is neat, tidy + inviting so when you’re ready to tackle this week’s projects it’s good ta go! You’ll be amazed how much more prepared a little cleaning can make you feel : )


CHAARG BOOTYCAMP starts tomorrow! How can you make sure you have time for your daily workouts, class//job, side hustle + rooftop happy hours with friends? Commit to your schedule at the beginning of the week. For those of you who struggle with allotting time for your various activities, we highly recommend a planner that comes with time slots for the entire day *BOOTYCAMP journal coming soon* [the Passion Planner + Erin Condren are both alternative calendar options with added time slots if you’re not the Google Calendar type]. Grab a pencil + block off time for work, exercise + play so that you can physically see how you will spend your time each day [++ we love to color code ; )].


First — make a list of all of the things you need to do this week [yes, even *call mom*]. Go through that list + circle all of the tasks that will take you less than two minutes. Do them now + voila — your list has probably gotten a lot shorter! Next — pick out the most important items on your list + head back over to your planner. The blank space you can see between spinning class + work meetings is time you have to check those items off of your list — use it!


There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day + realizing the only *edible* item in your refrigerator is a jar of pickles. If you’ve been blessed with a strong meal prep game, get cookin’! Make a few ready-to-go lunches to take to the office or the library ++ don’t forget the snacks! For those of us not ready to tackle those mountains of tupperware just yet, head out for a healthy grocery haul + go with the flow — one day you may be feeling a homemade veggie burger for lunch + the next day breakfast for dinner, so do whatever works for you. Start practicing now so that you’re ready to fuel your body with wholesome nutrients after those tough CHAARG BOOTYCAMP workouts! Pro tip — out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t buy it [lookin’ at you donuts], you won’t eat it!


It’s the last day of the weekend — ENJOY it! Head out for barre + brunch. Lounge outside by the pool with a good book. Curl up in bed + catch up on your favorite Netflix binge. Totally immerse yourself in your *me time* without feeling guilty. Push all of your worries about the week ahead out of your mind + have some fun knowing you’re ready to do #WERK in the days ahead. Trust us, you’ll feel totally reCHAARGed ; )

By planning ahead + preparing for the upcoming week, you set yourself up to be as productive as possible. But events come up + we need to be able to adjust our schedules accordingly. While being organized is great, it’s also important to be flexible + have a little fun along the way [pro tip — fill out your planner with a pencil ; )]! What are some of your tried + true ways to stay on top of it throughout the week? We’d love to read them — share ‘em below!

++ Jackie [@jackie_inchaarg] // VirtCHAARG Cleveland

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