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Getting tired of your current Spotify playlist or want to listen to something with more intention? Make the switch to podcasts instead! Podcasts can be a great way to stay entertained + learn something while you’re at it, ++ the podcasts below are specifically designed to help listeners become more intentional.

Kalyn’s Coffee Talk — Specifically, “Am I Where I’m Supposed to Be?”  

Kalyn Nicholson hosts a fantastic podcast with a perfect balance of quirky topics + real-life questions, Kalyn’s Coffee Talk. She’s able to relate to her listeners in a personal + authentic way. Some of her episodes touch home, focusing on the more serious aspects of being a young woman with titles such as, *Dealing with the Opinions of Others*, *Let Go of What No Longer Serves You* + *Self Care Kinda Mood.* On the other end of the spectrum, Kalyn talks about sillier topics with titles such as, *Do You Believe in Aliens?*, + *Am I Being Haunted?*.

Kalyn’s episode, *Am I Where I’m Supposed to Be?* focuses on reflecting on where we are now + how we got here. She encourages listeners to ditch the fear + worry that can come with wondering whether we’re heading in the right direction + doing the right thing for our lives.

Taking Back Your Power— Specifically, EP 12: Transforming in a New Season + Setting Intentions

Taking Back Your Power is hosted by Isabel Palacios. Isabel also has a thriving youtube channel with almost 150,000 subscribers. This  podcast is aimed at helping listeners live life to their fullest potentials. Her episodes have titles such as, *Trusting the Magic of Endings*, *How to Stop Self-Sabotaging* + *What No One Tells You About Manifestation.*

Episode 12, *Transforming in a New Season + Setting Intentions*, speaks for itself — it’s a great episode to encourage listeners to stick to their goals as we continue through the New Year.

The Livin’ Lightly Podcast — Literally, any episode

The Livin’ Lightly Podcast is a podcast dedicated to simple living. This family of four sold almost all of their possessions + moved into an Airstream trailer. They’re currently pursuing their passions + enjoying the journey. On their website, Nick + Shae [the hosts of the podcast] define livin’ lightly as *a simple + sustainable existence that makes time + room for what’s [most] important while tossing the rest!*.

If you need to take a step back + focus on what’s really important in life, check out the Livin’ Lightly Podcast + listen to episodes such as “Intentional Possessions” which focuses on addressing clutter + obstacles that keep us from minimalism.

Cohesive Home Podcast — Specifically, EP 03: Simplifying Tech + EP 17: Living Seasonally

Cohesive Home Podcast is hosted by mothers, Kate Saffle + Melissa Risenhoover — who both love to travel + spend time with their families. Similarly to Nick + Shae of The Livin’ Lightly Podcast, they focus on living simply + being intentional about their lifestyles. On their website, they state that they believe in *carefully choosing homes, jobs, schools, + activities that create freedom rather than burdens.*

Their episode, *Simplifying Tech* focuses on being intentional with technology + having freedom from being glued to your phone. In episode 17, *Living Seasonally*, Kate + Melissa encourage listeners to embrace the ebbs + flows of the seasons + live in harmony with each season of life.

What We Said — EP 17: How to Have a Better Day

What We Said is hosted by Jaci Marie Smith + Chelsey Jade Curtis. These personable + down-to-earth ladies switch up their topics from light-hearted chats about embarrassing accidental texts [episode 21] to serious conversations about dealing with anxiety disorders [episode 18].

Episode 17, *How to Have a Better Day*, focuses on making the most of every day. They answer questions such as, *what do you do to bring more peace into your life?* + *when you are feeling down, how do you pick yourself back up?*. This episode is sure to help listeners be more intentional with every day + focuses on the day-by-day rather than the big picture.

Muchin’ with Moguls— Specifically, EP 16: Taking Time For Things That Really Matter +EP: 12 Learning to Fully Embrace Every Stage in Life

Munchin with Moguls is a podcast that interviews women who are working to make a difference in their community — many of them have even started their own businesses! By listening to these women, listeners gain insight into real aspects of life such as anxiety, being vulnerable, + social media. Their hope is that listeners will be more hopeful // intentional in their daily lives.

Episode 16, *Taking Time for Things that Really Matter*, chats with Jenny Wecker, the creator of Fawn Design —  She talks about being a working mom + how she balances business with the things that really matter. Episode 12, *Learning to Fully Embrace Every Stage in Life*, features Kylee Middelton from Piper + Scoot. She talks about her business + embracing the busy stages of life.

If you’re looking for some inspo, or just want to give podcasts a try, check out these awesome podcasts.et us know your favorite on your _inCHAARG Instagram!

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