Podcasts You Won’t Be Able to Hit Pause On

We’ve all binge-watched our favorite Netflix shows on a cozy night in, but it can be just as easy to listen to binge listen to podcasts, especially ones filled with cliffhangers each episode to keep you clicking play over + over again. Whether you’re heading on a road trip this summer, passing time on a plane ride, or driving to work, these podcasts will keep you on your toes + needing to know more!

1] Serial

One of the original true-crime investigation podcasts, Serial is hosted by Sarah Koenig, one of the creators of This American Life. Sarah investigates the murder of Hae Min Lee + the story that unfolded in finding her perpetrator. If investigative journalism + crime shows are your thing, this podcast is the place to start.

2] S-Town

S-Town is a creation by Serial + This American Life, which follows the story of a man named John who despises his small, Alabama town. John asked host Brian Reed to investigate a crime in town, but Brian Reed quickly realizes the real story is John himself. The podcast discovers the mysteries in John’s life + even involves some buried treasure.

3] The Dream

You’ve heard of pyramid schemes — a form of investment in which each paying participant recruits to further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones. This podcast isn’t quite about those, but their close relative, multi-level marketing [commonly known as MLM’s]. Host Jane Marie uncovers the truths behind MLM’s, by joining one herself to get an insider view on what really goes on behind the scenes.This podcast will shock you with the history of MLMs + interviews with actual participants + CEOs [you may even recognize some of the companies mentioned]. The Dream also does a great job at explaining wo [mostly women] fall victim to MLMs + why.

4] Up & Vanished

Similar to Serial, the podcast Up & Vanished follows the investigation by host Payne Lindsey into the 11-year cold case murder of Tara Grinstead — the largest case file in Georgia. You can follow along as Lindsey dives inside the case, interviewing town residents + those closest to the case, to try to find out more.

5] Reply All

Reply All is all about one of the most confusing + fascinating intriguing things in our world — the internet. The podcast series is a Gimlet Media production hosted by Alex Goldman + PJ Vogt ++ features recurring segments like “Yes, Yes, No” [where the hosts explain complicated internet memes to their boss, Alex Blumberg] + “Super Tech Support” where real people call in with real internet problems they can not figure out on their own. You don’t have to be a tech lover to become enthralled with this podcast — some of our favorite episodes are “Long Distance” + “The Snapchat Thief” to give you a place to start. The best part though is that you can start with any episode as each one is a stand-alone feature.

6] Family Secrets

Every family has them — so host Dani Shapiro from Family Secrets interviews people who found out about life-changing family secrets + how they shaped their identities. These fascinating stories make you reflect on your own life + remind you that you are not alone in your struggles, as unique as they may be.

7] The Dropout

When she first appeared on the tech scene, Elizabeth Holmes seemed like the ultimate #GirlBoss + was rumored to be the next Steve Jobs. Her company Theranos promised a revolution in the health-care industry but turned out to be a complicated facade of deception + unfulfilled promises. On this ABC News podcast, host Rebecca Jarvis takes listeners on a journey to uncover what really went on in Elizabeth’s mind + inside the doors of Theranos, with exclusive interviews + testimonies.

8] Dirty John

Dirty John follows the true-story of Debra Newell, a successful interior designer, after she began dating John Meehan. Unbeknownst to Debra, John was hiding large parts of his past + she quickly found herself in a scary situation. The story was published by the L.A. Times + hosted by Christopher Goffard. The story intrigued so many that it was picked up by the channel Bravo which created an 8 episode mini-series starring actors like Connie Britton.

Obsessed with podcasts + need more? Check out these 13 podcasts we’ve been loving! Happy listening!

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