Q+A: Morgan + MaryKate, Instagram Influencers

Episode #54 on The CHAARG Podcast [listen here!], Elisabeth interviewed two people in the same field, “Instagram fitness leaders in Chicago” — Morgan [@Bun_Undone] + MaryKate [@FroyoToFitness]. They talk about what it’s like to be *influencers* — FB algorithms, working with sponsors, social media comparison, balancing their Instagram accounts with another job, + more. You won’t want to miss hearing their stories!

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— Connect with MaryKate: froyotofitness.com

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On getting started in the fitness Instagram world:

“When I started my Instagram fitness account, I accidentally posted my first post to my personal Instagram account… it was a transformation picture! I was mortified, so I deleted it, texted my sister ‘I can’t believe I posted this to my personal one!’…I rolled under the radar for a while, + then people just started finding me on the Discover page.”

On brand outreach + gaining sponsors:

“Just really being confident in who you are, what you are, what your point of difference is + why you and the brand are aligned + why it makes sense to work together, maybe providing some content ideas…”

Their biggest piece of advice on being an influencer:

“I think my biggest piece of advice is that you have to believe in yourself. Because there are a lot of eyes on you. You just gotta believe in you, + believe in your message.

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