Q+A: Alexis Joseph + Simi Botic on Intuitive Eating

Episode #62 on The CHAARG Podcast [listen here!], we brought on two intuitive eating experts, Alexis [@hummusapien] + Simi [@simibotic] to talk about their philosophies on intuitive eating ++ how it has evolved over time. From tangible tips on how to become an intuitive eater, frustrations in the intuitive eating space, how to work with your body’s natural size… + more. This episode is everything!

— Connect with Alexis: www.hummusapien.com
— Connect with Simi: www.simibotic.com
— Previous Podcast [Episode #16] with Simi: Listen here!

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— Blog Post To Read: Alexis’s I Have Been Changed For Good
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Advice on if you’re worried that a friend might have a disordered relationship with food:

— Offer the friend support, but don’t jump to judgments
— Mental illness, compare to broken leg; can’t be like “oh my god, they broke their leg again” (remember it’s a medical condition)

Food rules that trigger a “last-meal” mentality:

— This is a “bad food,” + tomorrow you’ll have no more of that food → triggers a binge [you feel like it’s being taken away] — Like a long-distance relationship, you miss them most of the time + when you see them you want to be with them nonstop/all over them [versus a live-in relationship that is less-intense]

Advice they would give their college selves:

— Be free + have the most fun you can
— Have more fun!

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