Q+A: Jacq Gould: The F Word, Eating Disorders, + Your Inner Babe

Episode #68 of The CHAARG Podcast [listen here!], Jacq Gould [@jacqgould] opens up on the podcast about her incredible journey overcoming an eating disorder that ultimately led her to start her self-worth coaching program, Your Inner Babe. We dive deep into self-worth/confidence… ++ Jacq shares tips on visualization, convos with yourself in the mirror, food/life triggers, + how to have a positive relationship with social media. Also, get ready to learn Jacq’s F word ; ) [++ hear her incredible voice… yes, singing voice].

— Jacq’s Website: yourinnerbabe.com
— Instagram Leaders To Follow: @danikabrysha, @ambitiouskitchen, @chinaealexander, @iskra
— Podcast Recs: Almost 30, Press Send
— Favorite Dark Chocolate: Hu Kitchen
— Favorite Athleisure Line: Lululemon + P.E Nation

On disordered thoughts:

“I picture [my eating disorder thoughts] like a black cloud. The black cloud will come, + it will rain, but it doesn’t have to soak you. It will pass.”

What being #inCHAARG means to her:

“It’s about taking ownership of you, + your life, + realizing that you can have a million people in your life, you can do a million things, but at the end of the day your life is yours + you shouldn’t rely on anyone or anything to make you happy. Own it, babe.”

Jacq was also on CHAARG’s Live Mental Health Month Panel which was full on mic drop moments, make sure to listen the episode here!

We hope you love this episode [listen here!] — it would mean so much if you left us a review! : ) If you liked this episode, you’ll love:

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  • ku349916@ohio.edu

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast!! Jacq touched on eating disorders + I loved how she said that a person can diet but that doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder. She defines an eating disorder as when it starts to take over your life + interfere with daily activities. She also mentioned how an eating disorder will be apart of your life everyday for the rest of your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to control you everyday but some days it will. I loved her example she gave of a black cloud. I often have these black clouds come + I become down on myself as I feel like I’m not truly battling my thoughts. Jacq helped me understand that those black clouds don’t define me + that they will pass. This podcast was perfect to listen to right before school begins again as I’m now cooking for myself in my apartment which is quite different from being on a meal plan the past 2 years. I’m definitely recommending this podcast to my friends who are struggling with their eating habits!

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