Q+A: Monique Volz: @AmbitiousKitchen, Recipe Creation, + Mental Health

Episode #67 of The CHAARG Podcast [listen here!] Monique Volz aka @ambitiouskitchen chats to Elisabeth all about the *then* + *now* of food blogging, what it’s like to be an influencer, her mental health journey, how she gets the inspiration to create incredible (!!!!) recipes, + so much more. Get inspired to get cooking after this episode ; ).

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On how to deal with disordered eating habits:

“Talk about it with someone, because if you don’t talk about it you just hold the feelings in, + that’s never good with anything, you don’t want to hold anything in. Find someone who feels safe for you. There’s something to be said about therapy because that person isn’t judging your for having your feelings, they don’t care how long you have to grieve for or when it comes up.”

On the reasons behind binge eating:

“A lot of the reason why [you binge eat] is because your brain thinks you can’t have that food, or because you are not eating enough in the day. My advice would be to try to incorporate the foods you are binging on more into your everyday diet — so have a dessert for lunch, have a snack between lunch + dinner, ++ try to eat more calories if you feel you’re eating a serious amount at night.”

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