My Phone Is Ruining My Life

Okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic.

BUT SERIOUSLY: do you ever have those days when you just want to throw your phone out the window? Or, at the very least, delete all your apps? I’m so sick of my constant desire to distract myself. I’m sick of always looking at a screen [I look at the computer enough as is…. I don’t need a mini computer in my pocket]. I’m sick of the judgment + shame + envy + unworthiness that I bring upon myself when I look through others’ highlight reels.

I’ve already done a lot of “phone detoxing” but I want more. In the past few months I’ve made a conscious decision to spend less time on my phone. I’ve…

  • Deleted Facebook [I still sometimes go Facebook on Safari, but I don’t have the FB App]
  • Deleted Twitter [again, I go on Safari if I want to tweet — but it’s typically to tweet quotes that I’m inspired by, rather than browsing Twitter]
  • Deleted Snapchat
  • Silenced my phone [downfall = if I *lose my phone in my room,* I can’t just call it + instantly find it]
  • Turned all my notifications off [including texting… yes, this has made me an even worse texter]
  • Deleted text messages when I have finished the convo [this has allowed me to *declutter* my brain… plus, it helps me remember to text people back aha — I got this idea from my friend Melissa, THANK YOU! : )]
  • Deleted text messaging from my computer
  • Tried my hardest not to a respond to texts while I’m with others [this is still a battle, mostly when they pull out their phone + then I feel like I should be looking at something, too]
  • Occasionally have gone on airplane mode [like, twice haha — but it was nice!]


I’ve been wanting to do a little “text experiment” for awhile… all incoming texts would receive an automatic message from me, telling them to give me a call. Then, I thought about talking to people on the phone… ++ that sounded horrible.

I realized that it’s not texting that I don’t like — there’s definitely a time + place for it, ++ I’m grateful that it was invented. It’s just that people [myself included] rely on texting as their main form of communication… particularly with others that we don’t see on a regular basis [aka work, class, etc]. I feel like my in-person communication could be SO MUCH BETTER. ++ I want to improve.

ADDITIONALLY, it’s so common for us to dwell on text messages, especially when it comes to relationships. How long should I wait to respond? What did he//she really mean? We spend WASTED energy interpreting text messages… energy that wouldn’t have even come to fruition if it was an in-person [or over-the-phone] convo.


While I’m not a big fan of texting, the main reason the phone is *ruining my life* is because it’s a distraction. From checking my email — googling something on safari — text messaging — scrolling through instagram — looking at the time, there’s always SOMETHING to turn to on our phone to take us away from the present. I want radical present moment awareness.

Sometimes, I turn to my phone out of boredom — but why? THE WORLD IS OUR PLAYGROUND. ++ people are interesting! ++ roses smell GREAT. Stop + smell them.

Check out this video…

Imagine a future where technology is built on our values, not our screen time.

I love that.

It’s up to me + you to eliminate the distractions [delete apps that don’t serve us!]. It’s up to us to use *self-control*– when we feel the pull to reach to our phone out of habit or boredom or awkwardness, instead, look at the beauty around us. It’s up to us to FULLY enjoy the moment, FULLY enjoy people, FULLY enjoy this earth that we are blessed to walk on.

As we approach a new month, I challenge you to delete at least *one* distraction from your phone… maybe even two or three ; ). Here’s what I’m doing…

  • Deleting email off my phone [THIS IS SCARY]
  • Buying a watch [so that I don’t need my phone to check the time] — any watch recommendations?!
  • No texting + walking… or texting//phone browsing on the train [instead, read a book…call someone… notice my surroundings]
  • Limit my Instagram scrolling [#CHAARGSBFP] to a designated time//times each day… need to figure this one out : )

Rooting for you always,
++ Elisabeth

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