#OWNFINALS: Click Pause + Take A One-Hour Break

Finals week is rough. We all know it. We all dread it. We’re all wishing we were on a beach somewhere with an iced tea + a good book. But, we’re almost there — all we have to do is get through a week of studying//finishing up classes + we’re golden. : )

Let’s face it, though. Stress is probably comin’ our way faster than we’d like it to + it’s up to us to not let the stress hit us too hard! There are plenty of ways to relax + take that *me* time before finals come rolling in — Check out if your university offers self-care activities around finals week, many offer events such as free yoga classes, coffee, massages, + even a Puppy Hour where students can play with puppies! Talk about a stress-reliever ; )

But — what about taking a break during finals? This is the time when you are busier than ever + your body is running on empty [lack of sleep, too much caffeine, stress eating, fried brain… etc]. You owe it to yourself to take a one-hour break every day this week — yup, every day. This one-hour will help you de-stress + #OWNFINALS, trust us. So, click the *pause* button + try one of these one-hour activities!


No matter how much of a professional yogi you might be, yoga is an incredible stress-reliever. It allows your body to slowly stretch out all of its soreness + release lactic acid, which tenses up the muscles, ++ takes you through breathing exercises to slow down your heart rate//blood pressure. Check to see if your school offers any yoga classes on campus or even search for a video online to practice at home with another CHAARG girl!


Giving yourself a little pampering by taking the time to give//get a manicure or pedicure is one of the best ways to relax + focus on yourself for a little while. Even if you’re not that great at it yourself, take a mini spa day + go to a salon to get it done! When you look good, you feel good : )


Have a great friend or a spa close to campus? Then you’re set! Having someone to get rid of all of those stress knots + allowing yourself to relax for an hour out of the day can clear your mind of all worries.


This will forever be our go-to stress reliever. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a runner, taking a long run — whether that’s 2 miles or 13.1 miles — lets you sweat out all of your troubles + your mind focus only on one thing: finishing. Run as slowly or a quickly as you’d like, but make yourself make time for YOU + your running legs. That’s what’s important here.


Whether it’s a Table-For-One or a Table-For-Two, having a warm cup o’ coffee always sets our minds at ease when we’re feeling stressed. Grab a friend + head to a café for a little while — even if it’s just to talk about anything other than what’s stressing you out. Giving your mind the break it so badly wants will allow you to #OWNFINALS.

+ Amber [@amber.inchaarg], Penn State CHAARG

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