Our Favorite Natural Face Masks

Face masks are something we put on when we need a self care moment, a little ReCHAARG, or if we’re working to soften our skin. Whether it be for the size of our pores, our skin getting dry + oily with the changing of seasons, there’s a face mask for that. There are even DIY all-natural masks to try with yogurt + oats, + honey that won’t break the bank ; ). These are some of our favorites because our skin always feels silky + smooth afterwards ++ we don’t have to leave our homes to buy anything beyond staples that we already have on hand. 

Here are our favorites:

1] Hydration // For Dry Skin

This creamy mask is packed with nutrients to help hydrate dry skin. If we use yogurt, the lactic acid + probiotics within it packs a nice punch to aid our skin rejuvenation + fight acne. Oats are used in this to help soothe irritated skin and aid it in healing and moisturizing. 


— ½ Avo OR ½ Cup Plain Greek Yogurt OR 4 Tbsp Milk
— 2 tbsp raw honey
— ¼ cup rolled oats [organic is best!]


#1] Mix in a small bowl until a consistent mixture.
#2] Using a clean foundation brush, apply evenly to cleansed skin.
#3] Leave on 10 minutes [read a good book!], rinse with warm water.
#4] Follow-up with your daily regimen. 

NOTE: If you have a food processor, combine oats and avo // yogurt // milk + stir until the oats are slightly grainy. In a separate bowl, combine with the honey. 

2] Soothe Irritation

This super simple, three ingredient face mask calms the skin with proteins within the egg while the honey + matcha calms the skin. 


— 1 egg yolk [no whites!!] — 2 tbsp raw honey
— 2 tsp matcha powder


#1] Combine ingredients in a bowl.
#2] Apply to the skin [use a foundation brush for less mess but be super careful when cleaning it] #3] Let sit 15 minutes + rinse off with warm water.
#4] Follow up with a nighttime skin regimen. 

3] Aid Oily Skin

Do you have skin that is just always oily, no matter the number of blotting sheets? Try this super simple face mask a few times a week! The turmeric in this mask absorbs the oil from pores + washes it away when you take it off, while the lemon juice helps to brighten skin. 


— 3 tbsp turmeric
— The juice from 2 lemons [or 40 drops of lemon juice]


#1] Combine the two in a small bowl until a paste is formed.
#2] Apply to cleansed skin [use a makeup brush for less messy applications but clean hands do just fine!] #3] Let sit for 20 minutes + rinse with warm water.
#4] Follow up with a nighttime regimen. 

Do you have a DIY mask you want to share with us? Share with us below! : )

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