Orange Cranberry Almond Energy Bites

It may be freezing outside, but that doesn’t mean your #EEEEEATS can’t include a lil’ taste of summertime. These energy bites pack a sweet + fruity flavor that’s sure to wake up your taste buds! Perfect for a breakfast on the run or as a post-workout snack — these bites are a *must-add* to your weekly meal prep menu!


*makes 3-4 servings

¾ cup Honey Almond Butter [look for creamy instead of crunchy, but PB works too!]

1 scoop Orange Creamsicle Protein powder [vanilla or chocolate would also work!]

¼ cup quick cook Oats

¼ cup dried Cranberries

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

*Honey [optional — if you have a sweet tooth, feel free to add 1 tsp]


#1] Combine all ingredients in a large bowl + mixed until combined.

#2] Roll the dough into 1 inch sized energy bites + store in the fridge

++ xo, Teresa

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