#OnTrend — Everything You Need To Know About Cupping

Last month, you may have seen Michael Phelps rockin’ some seriously strange bruises in the shape of circles — or perhaps you saw Gwyneth Paltrow’s back in a bathing suit a few years ago + wondered what her new trick was. This strange thing is cupping + it’s everywhere right now.

As we approach fall with a fresh start, we want to explore the unique practice + benefits of the trend. Here’s everything you need to know about the new trend loved by athletes, celebrities + more —


Anyone can utilize cupping + the benefits it has to offer as a part of their routines. As it’s becoming a bigger trend, more practices are popping up nationwide. In popular media, we mostly see athletes using these techniques in their health regimen, like Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, or celebrities that are well-known for sharing their secrets to a healthy lifestyle.


While cupping is seen as a newer trend, it has been around for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Techniques have grown + changed, but cupping is still best described as the opposite of a massage — rather than kneading into the skin, the glass or plastic cups act as a vacuum, suctioning to pull the muscle tissue + skin upward. How long the cups are placed on the skin + whether or not the cups will move or stay in place will vary depending on the treatment.

You feel a tight, warm sensation in the area of the cup, which provides an extreme relaxation effect similar to that of a massage. Red welts will appear where the cups are placed, but they are rarely painful.


Athletes will use cupping therapy to relieve pain brought on by rigorous training, but those who don’t follow a similar lifestyle often see cupping as a form of relaxation + simply taking care of themselves.


The location of the cups depend on the treatment necessary, but they are always placed on fleshy parts of the body. We mainly see these marks on the back because that is most popular, however for example, cups can be placed on the stomach to aid in digestion.


Cupping enhances circulation, increases relaxation, relieves pain + pulls out toxins. It also enhances skin health + by increasing blood flow lowers the appearance of cellulite, among other skin conditions.


Cupping therapy studios are popping up in many cities. Ask your favorite massage spot if they are offering the new treatment. Otherwise, search *cupping therapy* + *your city* to schedule an appointment!

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