I Am The Only One Who Can Define My Body

I had just gotten done with a sweaty, empowering workout [testing sweat seshes for our next FitPlan ; )], + continued to soak up the good vibes in the sauna for 10 minutes. Then, I headed to the showers…

While rubbing my body with invigorating shower gel [lemongrass, ginger + rosemary — yum!], I came across my tummy… oh hello, tum tum.

It was the first time I consciously recognized that I was about to shame my body, + instead, made a conscious effort to treat my stomach the way it deserves to be treated — with love.

In that moment, I was so hyper aware of the fact that I am the only one who can define my body. My mind started racing — I started to think about my mom, my sisters, my female friends, my future daughter[s — I need at least one ; )], the media…

I am the only one who can define my body — because I live in it. I breathe into it, I move it, I feed it, I feel every sensation — the “good” + the “bad.” I am the only one who gives my body rest + energy. I have the ability to decide how much love to give my body — to treat it like a temple or a prision.

Why do so many of us choose to hate our body? Almost every female I know, regardless of age, is trying to “change” her body in some way or another… ++ yes, change can be a beautiful thing… but will you ever be satisfied? My assumption — based on talking to older women who still complain about their bodies — is never.

I don’t want to live this way.

I don’t want you to live this way either.

95% of our thoughts are repeated thoughts — 80% of them are negative.

Where are your thoughts? I realized that a lot of my thoughts revolved around food, working out, + my body. Yes, I work//live in the health + wellness field, so of course my mind is drawn this… BUT, I would be lieing if I said it was all positive thoughts.

Our mind is such a beautiful instrument, ++ the power of our mind is that we have the ability to change our mind for the better. Instead of letting your mind run on automatic pilot, recognize when you have a negative thought ++ turn it around to something positive.

Imagine if for just one day you decided to love every part of your body? You consciously chose to stop obsessing about what to eat + how to workout? You let all the negative thinking pass without giving any energy to it? Instead, just for one day — you chose to listen to the light. You filled your body with food that made you feel good… you moved//rested depending on what your body was asking for. You didn’t push too hard. You invested your energy in God, in people, in your work, in your passion projects.

Just for one day, every time your mind started to think about your body, you said… “I love you, body. I am going to focus on something else now.”

What would happen?

Choose to define your body as a temple for your mind + soul — the living, breathing, moving piece of art that was uniquely created just for you. Appreciate the colors, the textures, the shapes of your body. We are all extraordinary.

Loving you fiercely,

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