On Woo Woo — Top 7 Episodes From The CHAARG Podcast

Below, our top 7 episodes [currently!] on all things *woo woo* from The CHAARG Podcast.

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#101] Cat Aldana: Akashic Records, Intuition, + “Becoming” 

Why I Love It — Cat [@cataldanasager] talks a lot about Akashic records in this podcast — arguably as “woo” as it gets. I truly learned so much in this podcast + it challenged me to think outside of my normal scope. 

Mic Drop Moment — “We are all naturally psychic, we just have to get rid of the stuff in the way.”

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#46] Molly Coeling: Healing Trauma Through Reiki

Why I Love It — **Trigger Warning: Sexual Trauma.** Molly doesn’t only introduce + inform us on Reiki, she gives her personal + powerful testimony of its benefits. If you’ve tried various forms of healing [physical, various therapies, etc] + still need a little more help — I encourage you to start here!

Mic Drop Moment — “We carry our life experience in our bodies. I wanted to get rid of that pain for so long + I couldn’t. I went to doctors and PT, I did so much stuff. But I couldn’t let that go until I felt all the stuff that was causing that pain.”

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#44] Tania Hughes: Chakras For Beginners

Why I Love It — I’ve always been confused about chakras + how they can be *practically* used. Tania [@taniahugheswellness] has all of the answers — she breaks down all of the chakras + what’s most important to know about them! I highly recommend this podcast for CHAARG girls who are novice or advanced in yoga alike! She also has an incredibly calming voice ; )

Mic Drop Moment — “Once you learn how to activate the chakras you can learn to stream energy effectively. This healing energy is something you can notice in your everyday life — think about the feeling + energy you get when you pick up a cute puppy or a baby. This energy is in us + is available all the time.”

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#22] Kristine Schumann: Summer Solstice, Mala Beads, + Setting Intentions

Why I Love It — This is a great podcast to start with if you want to dip your toes in *woo* + start small [or if your skeptic!]. Kristine + Elisabeth talk about so many accessible + simple actions to improve your focus, awareness, ++ self love. This podcast has so many nuggets of info — affirmations, sun + lunar phases, rituals, mala beads, gratitude practices, sage, intention setting, chakras, social media mindfulness + so much more.

Mic Drop Moment — “Build an altar of things that make you happy — notes, gifts, pictures, special objects etc. Make it a gratitude practice to look at this every single day.”

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#13] Sheena Mannina: Juicing, Spirituality, + Being A Basic Witch

Why I Love It — I learned the MOST about woo from this podcast + not for reasons you’d think. Elisabeth + Sheena talk about how sometimes spiritual readings + experiences don’t feel accurate + relevant, but the deeper importance is what you learn about yourself in the process. I love the perspective of spiritual journeys that this podcast gave me… it is a must listen.

Mic-Drop Moment — “[On having readings that you feel are inaccurate] All of these things [spirituality practices] point me in the direction of my own heart + soul, + that has become more interesting + insightful than anything else.”

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#61] Cindy of Revealing Soul: Auras, Channeling, + Tapping Into Your Intuition

Why I Love It — Cindy does a great job of making mediums feel less intimidating. She talks about what mediums are, how to use them, + how to channel your own intuition. She also talks about little things you can experience, see, + notice in your everyday life that might be deeper than it seems. So many goosebump moments in this podcast <3

Mic-Drop Moment — “Life is tough. I am not going to sugarcoat it — it’s hard. + I just believe any tool available that you can tap into to help yourself, you should.”

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#88] Andrea Fagenholz: Hypnotherapy, EFT, + Taking Your Power Back

Why I Love It — I loved listening to her career change — I really picture myself, friends, + many CHAARG girls in her shoes — starting off in a very traditional route. It helped me normalize hypnotherapy + learn how it could truly help me. Follow her at @curiouslypresent for great tips, reminders, + more info in bite sized pieces : ) 

Mic-Drop Moment — “My intention as a hypnotherapist is to allow you to feel like you can take your power back, because it is your power — it’s your body, it’s your mind, + you get to decide how you feel.”

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