On Fitness — Top 6 Episodes From The CHAARG Podcast

Below, our top 6 episodes [currently!] on fitness from The CHAARG Podcast — get ready to be inspired to sweat it out after! Or, listen to one of these podcast episodes while sweating it out on a walk/run… aka our favorite way to listen to podcasts ; )

#29] Kate Lemere: Creating A Workout Routine, Group Fitness Training, + Abs

Why I Love It — Kate [@katelemere] is so good at meeting you where you’re at. This podcast is full of tips for people starting in their journey, those with an excellent routine, + those looking to start teaching fitness or teaching fitness at the next level. PS — want more realness? Her Instagram content is AMAZING! 

Mic-Drop Moment — “The cost of being lean is not always worth it. We have this one life to live + your happiness shouldn’t be dependent on 5 lbs.”

.     .     .

#109] Kristi Eramo O’Connell: All Things CrossFit, Finding Your Why, + Body Image 

Why I Love It — Kristi’s [@kristieramo] refreshing take on CrossFit reminded me of my *why* behind working out. I love that her personal mission + her box’s mission is not to be the best, but to build community + build a body that will last through the ups + downs of life.

Mic-Drop Moment — “What I believe CrossFit can do for you [+ has done for me] is build confidence. You probably won’t look the CrossFitters on TV, but you’ll be proud + comfortable in your own skin.”

.     .     .

#76] Rae Reichlin: Ladies Who Lift, Workout Routines, + “Cutting” 

Why I Love It — Rae’s [@rae.wholifts] unique journey to becoming a fitness trainer reflects her advice for being happy in your work. She gives timeless fitness advice for all stages of life! 

Mic-Drop Moment — [On Changing Careers] “I knew what I loved + I felt that gut instinct… that feeling of wanting to return to the place where I feel alive. I just followed that feeling.”

.     .     .

#85] Lydia Nadar: All About Marathons

Why I Love It — Marathons seem so out of reach for many of us — Lydia [@fuelwithnadar] removes all marathon intimidation in this episode! Her advice is perfect for those who want to run a half or full marathon, or those who simply want inspiration from an elite athlete : )

Mic-Drop Moment — “If the enjoyment part with running isn’t there, take a step back. It’s most important to find a cardio exercise that you enjoy.”

.     .     .

#107] Katie Anne Rutherford: The Dark Side Of Competing, Science-Based Nutrition, + Consistency 

Why I Love It — Katie Anne [@katieanne100] has an impressive resume as a WNBF Pro World Figure Champion + she is so down to earth. Her advice is nothing like I expected — practical, digestible, + empowering! 

Mic-Drop Moment — “People don’t realize how much consistency + persistency really is the secret to pretty much everything in life.” 

.     .     .

#95] Robbie Dannenberg: Discipline, Finding Yoga, + Bandhas 

Why I Love It — Robbie inspires me to be more disciplined + take ownership in whatever exercise practice we enjoy… no wonder he’s Elisabeth’s personal trainer ; )

Mic-Drop Moment — “I think it’s most helpful to clearly articulate your goals. Constantly refine them — not to change them, but to check in + make sure this is what you want… + then never lose sight of that.”

.     .     .

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