Ohio University CHAARG


Ambassador: Elyse Lutz
Contact: ohiochaarg@gmail.com
Chapter Instagram Hashtag: #OUCHAARG
Studio Spotlight Day + Time: Tuesday’s from 6-7PM + 8-9PM
Small Group Day + Time: Based on your preference! More info to come when you join!
Founded: Spring 2017
Questions? Read the CHAARG Chapter FAQ here!


Meet the Ambassador



My name is Elyse + I am SO thrilled to be starting this wonderful journey with you all! I believe it is important to have a group on campus where all college girls feel welcome at + are truly inspired – hence CHAARG. This organization is not dedicated to only girls who like to exercise, but is encouraged for every single female on OU’s campus! Staying healthy at this time in life can be a struggle, but that’s what we’re here for — to help you find yourself, your fit + to truly be happy. We strive in empowering women because sometimes college is tough + having each other’s back is what we are all about.

CHAARG is more than a fitness organization, it’s a lifestyle + a family.

Meet the exec team

Ambassador: Elyse Lutz | VP Membership: Grace Dearing | VP Media: Rachel Onusko | Event Coordinator: Megan Fish | Event Coordinator: Leah Maxey | Secretary: Leah Hall | Treasurer: Hannah Morris

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