Ohio University CHAARG


Ambassador: Skyler Graham
Contact: ohiochaarg@gmail.com
Chapter Instagram Hashtag: #OUCHAARG
Weekly Workout Day + Time: Tuesdays 6-7PM + 7-8PM
Small Group Day + Time: Based on your preference! More info to come when you join!
Founded: Spring 2017
Questions? Read the CHAARG Chapter FAQ here!


Meet the Ambassador

Skyler Graham

Hi ya!

My name is Skyler Graham, I am the current Ohio University Ambassador, + I cannot wait to welcome you into CHAARG!!! When I joined CHAARG my freshman year, it truly changed the world around me. Between sweating it out with my friends to creating goals that I pursue throughout the year to just talking to other members, there is always something to do. I am constantly meeting empowering + positive women who encourage others to do what is best for them. Through good + bad times, I know this community is behind me! CHAARG is one of the most important reasons I call Athens home due to the strong connections that I have made. Together, we motivate each other to be better than the person we were yesterday! We would love to see you join our community so that you are able to eat, sweat, laugh + empower more women with us!! If you are looking for some #GirlBosses, this is the community for you!!


Upcoming Sweat Sesh: We are currently planning some amazing Weekly Workouts for our CHAARG community, including POUND + Small Town Fitness! 

Small Group Times: These will be announced from our Exec Team within the first 3 weeks of the Semester! We’re confident you’ll find a time that works for you : )

This Semester’s Socials: We are currently planning some amazing socials for our CHAARG community to get to know other Chapter members + get involved on campus!


Meet the exec team

OU Exec 19-20
Ambassador: Skyler Graham | VP Membership: Lexi Garvey | VP Media: Hannah Morris | Event Coordinators: Kaitlyn Urbaniak + Madi Sowders | Treasurer: Morgan Deitschel | Secretary: Sam Webne

Here’s what #ouchaarg girls are saying…

What is your favorite CHAARG memory?

The CHAARG Welcome Party last Fall. I was so nervous + scared CHAARG wouldn’t be the place for me but I met so many people there ++ felt so welcomed. I knew CHAARG was exactly what I needed in my life! // Alicia [alicia.ou_inCHAARG]

Why did you join CHAARG?

I joined to meet other girls who shared the same values as I do. I wanted to meet girls to workout with because my friends don’t like to work out a lot. I also wanted to be a part of a community, especially since it was my first year of college + I didn’t know anyone! // Allison [Allisonshryock_inchaarg]

Why should someone join CHAARG?

You’ll meet some of your best friends and find a supportive, encouraging community! // Melissa [Melissa_inchaarg_]

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