Ocean Obliques

Today’s core workout is a plank circuit! You can either do your choice of plank for each circuit… or, you can follow this routine: First Round — Plank // Second Round — Right Side Plank // Third Round — Left Side Plank. If you want an extra challenge, switch out planks for mountain climbers for one of the rounds [it’s so much harder than you’d think!]. Rest 20 seconds after each superset. Enjoy!


Complete 3X

60 sec Plank + 10 Eagle Sit Ups

50 sec Plank + 15 Bicycles

40 sec Plank + 20 Leg Raises

30 sec Plank + 25 Russian Twists

20 sec Plank + 30 Vertical Crunches

10 sec Plank + 35 Hip Raises


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