No Rush November — Recap

Wow, wow, wow. I loved No Rush November so much that I’m bringing it into December… with some added guidelines ; ). But first, I know you are all dying to know… how did No Rush November go?! [ps: if you are wondering what the heck No Rush November is — read this].

#1] Decide the three priorities for the day the night before.

Killed it at this. + honestly, this was a game-changer in so many ways. It helped me establish what was actually important vs what task could wait. I typically create my schedule for the week either the Friday or Sunday before… + while I still did this, I made sure to ALSO look [+ adjust, if needed!] my three priorities for the following day the night before. This brought me so much clarity + focus.

#2] Absolutely no texting/checking email/going on instagram until the three priorities for the day are done. Phone calls are allowed.

Killed it at this… the first week. The second week, I was on vacation with my dad so I fell off the bandwagon. Then, hopped back on it the third week… + the fourth week was Thanksgiving. All in all, I will say that I’ve been on my phone, email + instagram less. ++ I am very aware when I am on it, rather than being on autopilot. Thus, I consider this as a win, but I’m still excited to dive deeper into eliminating my time on my phone.

#3] When I enter a room, close my eyes for one breath + say: “May I be peace. May I bring peace”

I don’t think I even remembered to do this once, lololololol.

#4] Walk slower. Eat slower. Move around slower… except in my workout ; ).

Eh. I would say that I have been walking slower + I’ve been enjoying walking more… I created a “morning commute” playlist that I listen to almost every day on my walk to work. It’s a pretty random collection of songs, but they all make me happy. Anything I should add to the list? Let me know! Eating slower = help help helppppp. This is seriously an issue. I eat my food in like, 5 seconds.

#5] Above all: Am I being compassionate? Am I being kind?

I’m gonna give myself a YES in this department ; ). It might because I’m in a good mood this morning, but I really do think I’ve been more compassionate + kind towards myself + others! Focusing on kindness is definitely going to fit into my 2020 intentions.

#1] Increase to four priorities of the day… no email, texting, social media [as much as possible!] until I’m done with my four priorities!

#2] Create a time limit on social media — eeek! 30 minutes! I created this yesterday. If you don’t know how to do this, go to:

  • Settings > Screen Time > App Limits > Social Networking
  • It says, Social Network includes: WhatsApp, Messages, + 3 more… but it doesn’t tell me what the other 3 are? I know one is instagram because this appeared yesterday, lol… [I may or may not have clicked *ignore limit* a few times…]

#3] Consider implementing a “Sunday Share.” This is something that @jessicakane does [listen to her podcast episode where she speaks more on this!] — she only posts stories on Sundays + it’s a recap of her week/weekend. I love this because it’s an easy way to eliminate time on instagram story, + at the same time, it allows for more intentional stories. It fits in with the “3 priorities a day”… only posting on Sundays will make me think, do I really want to post this smoothie from Tuesday? Maybe, maybe not.

Not related to No Rush December ; ), but other intentions for December:

  • Don’t shop for holiday gifts last minute! Starting now!
  • 10 minutes daily meditation. I planned to join Isaac on his 30 minutes for 10 weeks, but alas… I got into a grove with a different morning routine, + only meditate with him ~3 times a week. However, with the craziness of holidays, I am committing to 10 minutes daily! Join me?
  • Take time to list out my 2020 intentions! eeekkkkk, you know this gets me excited ; )
  • Take time to review 2019… + you know I will be writing a blog post on that!

Rooting for you,

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