I’ve officially gone mad.

When my friends ask: “What’s new with you, Elisabeth?” My response: “Um, what isn’t new? [in a joking voice, laughing at myself] I feel like I’m constantly searching, seeking, exploring. I’ve been engulfed in tons + tons of CONTENT. I daydream about curling up in a bed while reading. I crave runs because I know that means I can listen to podcasts. I follow way too many health + fitness humans, ++ love seeing what trends they are following, how they are cooking, what they believe. I write pages upon pages upon pages of ideas in my journal + questions that I have for myself, but I have yet to implement the ideas + answer the questions.

The thing is — I love soaking up #AllTheThangs + bathing in the ~knowledge~. But am I washing my body with it — is it cleansing me? How much of what I consume is my body actually absorbing?

I wish I could put my brain in your brain so that I didn’t have to try to articulate in words how I feel. You would just know. But, unfortunately that isn’t possible ; ). So I’m trying to explain in a visual way…

The thing is — I realized that while I consume a lot of “positive” noise that gives me pleasure… in the end, it’s still noise. It’s still a distraction from the doing… from the experiencing… from the creating.

Noise [“knowledge”] is important. It educates us. It inspires us. But, it’s merely a stepping stone. Sooner or later, we must take the leap + use what we’ve learned + do something. Or, throw away everything we’ve learned + experience something. Or, create something — anything!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a Kundalini Yoga class + I came up with the exciting, horrifying idea of #NoInputNovember. A couple of days ago, after I finished the book Essentialism [OBSESSED], I decided I wanted to start #NoInputNovember early — October 23.

Like any fun challenge, you need rules.

#NoInputNovember — The Rules

1] No books — instead, read my journals

2] No podcasts — take a walk with instrumental music

3] No “consuming” social media [the hardest for me will be not watching insta stories!]— only use social media for sharing content that I hope will inspire others

4] No browsing the internet [unless it’s absolutely necessary to the ideas I’m manifesting]

5] Close my email tab — intentionally look at email 2–3x//day… also, make to sure to unsubscribe to basically everything

6] With the space I’ve created… create art, plant the seeds for 2018, have experiences, write, cook, mediate, listen to my intuition, ENJOY LIFE!

[Side note: I don’t watch TV or read the news, so if you do… eliminate that, too ; )]

All that content, but are you content?

Am I terrified? Yes. But, I’m ready — I’m ready to struggle to answer the hard questions, listen to my gut, + create for CHAARG. I’m ready to get out of my comfort zone + say yes more to experiencing new adventures. I’m so excited for the all the possibilities that this space holds — to be fully present with each moment. I want to be able to lay my head on the pillow + be proud of my answer to, “What did I do today that was worthwhile?” Not read, not listen, not watch… DO.

It’s time to create. Books, I’ll be back for ya, don’t worry. ; )

Join me? #NoInputNovember [I’ll only see your post if you tag me — because yes, I’ll be responding to people, I just won’t be going any further than that.]

++ Elisabeth [@etavierne]

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  • Kayleigh Gaborek

    Love this! I have actually started doing something similar. I used to listen to the NPR podcast UpFirst everyday on my way to work and then switch to my favorite music. On the way home from work, I’d also listen to music. Then, I would be listening to music as I wrote lesson plans and did homework at home (I’m a grad student + middle school student teacher). I realized that with the news in the morning, I was taking in negative content that was pretty much the same everyday. Then, my positive music was good but I was using it to distract myself and hype myself up. So, for the third week now, I am not listening to anything on my commute. I’m also not listening to anything while I do my work. The only time I’m listening to my music is in the shower. That along with sitting in church for some quiet prayer time/mediation has been helping me to slow down and be conscious. I am more aware of things going on around me and am feeling more grateful. I am getting more things done and am feeling less tired. I feel like I am in much more of a groove and with that my mind feels freer because, as you said, there is less noise going into it. I’m sure that you will see the benefits of this new endeavor!

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