Nix the Quick Fix Mindset: A Healthy Lifestyle is for Life

With Summer quickly approaching, some of us may find ourselves stressing over how to achieve our fit goals fast. But, in order to live a healthy lifestyle, we must set long-term goals, which require time + patience. When we can’t reach our goals as quickly as we’d like, it may be tempting to seek out other methods, but it’s important to recognize that slow + steady truly does win the race —


The *Quick Fix Mindset* is the idea that there are workouts, diets, or even superfoods that will enable us to achieve our health goals in a very short period of time. While these lifestyle choices may help you reach your goals short-term, they may actually hinder long-term results + progress . Health routines marketed as quick fixes often include intense exercise regimens + restrictive dieting, both of which can be unsustainable long-term as well as potentially unhealthy to practice.


Begin your journey to a happier + healthier you by allowing yourself time to reach your health + wellness goals! When you allow yourself time to reach your goals, you will be more likely to maintain them + continue to set new goals for yourself — health-wise, personally, + professionally. Take the time to ensure your success by writing SMART goals + choosing one healthy habit to develop at a time, such as drinking more water or even eating one clean meal per day, rather than multiple at one time. Check out some of the small steps we plan to take to build healthier habits this summer:


#1] Swap out *fun* sugar-filled drinks for water — ice water too plain for you? Try these making one of these fruit infused water in a mason jar!

#2] Take your morning cup of tea//coffee on-the-go for a 15 minute morning walk — you’ll get a boost of energy from your cuppa + the activity!

#3] Prep your favorite healthy grab + go snacks for when you’re limited on time — we LOVE these mason jar snacks <3

#4] Develop a nighttime routine to help you get your 7-9 hours of sleep — who doesn’t love the idea of a warm bath, fresh sheets, ++ a cool breeze from an open window to send us off to sleep?

#5] Create an affirmation journal to write down one positive affirmation each morning + repeat it to yourself throughout the day — it can be so easy to find ourselves getting caught up in negative thoughts, try using your daily affirmation to keep your thoughts on a more positive note!

Good health is the result of small efforts combined over time. By setting realistic goals + making small changes we are setting ourselves up for success in living a healthy balanced lifestyle for life — not just a season. ; ) It’s so important to remember that developing healthy habits for a balanced lifestyle takes time — we’re in this for long-haul! ; )

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