Nighttime Hormone Balancing Tonic

The co-founders from FARE were on The CHAARG Podcast [listen here!] + Britni shared that her most recent wellness obsession is ashwagandha. She’s been drinking a tonic every night, + loving it. We’re so excited to share her recipe! But first… the benefits of the tonic!

Ashwagandha: Supports anxiety + stress, see more

Maca: Supports women’s reproductive function + enhances sex drive, see more

Turmeric: Promotes health inflammatory function, see more

Fresh Ground Pepper: Activates the turmeric!

Cinnamon: THE TASTE! + more, of course

Raw Honey: THE SWEETNESS! + more

Whisk the below into warm water or dairy free milk on the stovetop until warm. Do not let the mixture come to a boil. Enjoy before bed! : )

.     .     .

Let us know what you think! + make sure to visit FARE next time you’re in Chicago. Highly recommend the Avocado Toast!

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