New Year, New Planner — Our Favorite Agendas For Successful Year

The new year will be here before we know it + a new year brings on new goals, intentions, lifestyles, aspirations, you name it! Planners//notebooks are such a great way to hold yourself accountable with these changes. If you don’t use a planner yet, we highly recommend you start so you can say goodbye to missed deadlines or events + start getting after those goals.

There are two types of people — those who use academic planners + those who use yearly. In college, I lived for my academic planner — 17 months of a planner, aka 5 FREE months? Yes, please. Now that I’ve graduated, I don’t need the same planner style I once had [keeping track of my schedule + assignments was #1] + instead, I’m looking for *extras* in my planner to set myself up for success.

Between classes, jobs, internships, clubs, + hobbies, it can be easy to lose track of everything going on in your life. Below we’re sharing some of our favorite planners + a little bit about each of them —

Passion Planner // 

Passion Planner recently changed their planners to offer a *one size fits all* structure If you’re familiar with Passion Planner’s old styles, the new standard planner is sized in between a compact + a classic. [I used a classic for years + was given the standard as part of a focus group ++ I was able to fit everything I needed in it! I missed some of the space, but now it’s my preferred size!]

Even though the sizing is standard, you can still customize this planner by choosing academic, yearly, or undated versions. We love that you can also choose your week start date (Sunday or Monday) + that the layout is by the hour — perfect for the busy CHAARGie.

DayDesigner // 

If you’re looking for those *extras* in a planner, Day Designer can be a great choice. Included are goal setting pages, a health tracker, reminder spots, + a *3 steps to an organized life* section. Between all of the colorful designs + wellness pages as a toolkit, you’ll get all the #positivevibes with this planner.

Happiness Planner // 

We recommend The Happiness Planner for anyone looking for a lot of guidance // interaction with their planner. The HP is broken down into 4 main elements, the happiness roadmap, the planning pages, the daily pages, + reflection pages. The set up is based on setting monthly intentions // goals + teaching you how to reflect, adjust, + grow throughout the year to become the happiest version of yourself ; )

If you want to learn more about The Happiness Planner + their mission, their CEO hosted a TED talk about it! The Happiness Planner comes with 4 main elements;

Erin Condren //  

If you’re looking for a customizable option, Erin Condren is for you! You’re able to choose between three layouts, two color schemes + over 100 [!!] cover designs to create your perfect planner. We love their interchangeable covers — perfect for those of us who are indecisive or love change.

BlueSky — Target // 

If you’re not able to splurge on a planner, check out Target’s planner section! BlueSky at Target is an exclusive collection with super cute + affordable planner options in all sizes ++ designs. These are also a great option to use in the overlap months of switching between an academic + yearly planner.

RiflePaper Co // 

Along with being super cute on the outside, these planners are filled with colorful prints + inspirational quotes all throughout. If you’re looking for an insta-worthy planner, this is for you.

These come in a 17-month classic, large spiral planner, or a 12 month hard // soft cover agendas.

Bloom Vision Planner //

If you like to visually see your goals, Bloom Vision Planner is a great option [they have *vision* in their name after all]. Along with *normal* planner styles, there are also planners specifically for weddings, teachers, + pregnancy.

You’re sure to find a planner you like as Bloom has 12 different planners in 43[!!!] design styles to choose from! This many options might be a little intimidating, but you can check out all of their different layouts here.

Moleskin //  

If you can’t find a planner you like, create it yourself! Moleskin has so many cute colors + sized notebooks for you to create your very own Bullet Journal.

Create Your Own!

A lot of planner companies, like Passion Planner, offer FREE downloads of their planners in exchange for social media posts + your email. It can be great to use this option if you’re really stretched for cash or if you don’t want to commit to a certain planner right now. Use those free prints from your university ; ) If you still want a *planner* feel, hole-punch the downloads ++ put them in a binder!

Hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect planner to set yourself up for a productive year! Did we miss any of your favorite planners? Let us know on insta using #inCHAARG or comment here!

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