Grab Your Journal: New Year’s Prompts

It can be overwhelming to realize how much happened  in one year, + even more overwhelming to think that another year of events is ahead. Life is so fast paced [especially in college] + often we move from one day to the next without any thought.

Sometimes, to help sort through your thoughts + organize them for the next school year, it can help to sit down, take some deep breaths, ++ journal. So, grab your favorite journal, get comfy, + see what your mind wants to tell you with these journal prompts!


#1] What were some great events that took place?
#2] Who was with you during your favorite moments this year?
#3] What are you proud of?
#4] Who surprised you this year? How so?
#5] What hardships did you have to face this year? How did you work through them?
#6] What brought you happiness this year?
#7] What made you stressed this year?
#8] What is one good habit you worked on + developed this year?
#9] What did you learn about yourself this year?
#10] If you made intentions for this year, how did you work on them?


#1] What are some characteristics you would like to improve on or develop?
#2] What is something new you would like to try this year [new food, new workout, etc.]?
#3]What obligations, including jobs, school work, + clubs, do you have this year?
#4] How are you going to stay organized + manage your time?
#5] Based on what made you happy or stressed this year, how will you adjust what you spend your time doing?
#6] How will you find balance this year?
#7] How can you live healthier this year?
#8] What are some events you are looking forward to this year [maybe a CHAARG event ; ) ]?
#9] What relationships would you like to work on?
#10] Write some intentions for this year [working on yoga, journaling more, eating your veggies, etc.].

Note from CHAARG: Bonus Prompt — What does living your best year ever look like for you?

.     .     .

For more journal prompts, check out Elisabeth’s notes on the five minute journal. Preparing for the new school year can go beyond journaling, though! For more tips, check out this post about creating daily intentions ++ be sure to share your favorite journal prompts with us on your CHAARG Instagram.

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