The New Wellness Trend for a Good Night of Sleep

We’re all familiar with personal trainers, life coaches, + dietitians, but did you ever think that adults would be enlisting *sleep coaches* for their personal needs? With all of the different types of coaching out there, the field of sleep coaching was bound to emerge with the stress + hustle normal adults face in their daily lives. Predicted to be an emerging trend for 2020, sleep coaches aren’t just for newborn babies — they’re for adults, too. 


Sleep coaches, or sleep consultants, are professionals that coach individuals in lifestyle habits to help with sleep-related problems. This profession started out for infant sleep training, but many people have expanded their practice to help busy adults facing insomnia + other issues.

Many sleep coaches take a holistic approach by looking at environmental factors + habits that could be affecting your sleep, such as sugar intake, screen time, + caffeine consumption. Some sleep coaches will even come to your home to see how your space might be affecting your sleep — check out how our spaces affect our mental health here!


If you suffer from insomnia caused by high stress, a sleep coach might be the solution for you. Many CEOs + executives have utilized sleep coaches in the past, but they are becoming more common for other stressed-out adults, too. 

Often times, we don’t realize how our small daily habits affect our sleep, so having someone to analyze those things can be highly beneficial! A huge benefit of a sleep coach is their personalized approach — other types of sleep specialists do not visit your home + critique your sleeping environment//habits. Find a list of the best sleep coaches in your state here!


Prices of sleep coaches range — some charge $75-$100 an hour, while others offer month-long programs for upwards of $1,000. Some high-end sleep coaches charge $10,000 for an intensive, daylong session! Most sleep coaching isn’t covered by insurance yet so it is definitely an investment in your health + sleep patterns.  If a sleep coach isn’t in your budget now, check out our five tips for getting a better night of sleep!

Sleep keeps us more alert, in better moods, + at our best to function from day-to-day. Consider your sleep habits + possibly hiring a sleep coach! Have tips for how you like to guarantee a good night’s sleep? Share with us in the comments or on Instagram with #inCHAARG!


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