We All Need Somebody to Lean On: 7 Ways to Support the Women Around You

It’s tough to be a woman. We often feel pressure to be prettier, skinnier, more successful, + overall better. Sometimes, all we really need is for others to be there for us + remind us that we are enough. . The first step to creating a better world for women is being a better woman yourself + supporting those around you.


If someone posts a selfie, chances are they sat around for at least 20 minutes picking out their flaws + debating whether or not to post it. Simple comments can make someone’s day, whether it’s a quick *heart-eyed emoji* or a motivational *SLAAAAY* comment. More than supporting their selfies, also encourage their creativity, their thoughts, + their ideas. *Girl, I loved that blog post — you write with such passion!* Support the women around you by posting uplifting comments on Facebook + insta + avoid making critical comments in your head. Radiate positive vibes, y’all. : )


Whether you’re walking to class or running errands around town, if you see a girl werkin’ it or someone who simply looks like they could use a high-five in their life, , compliment them. You’d be surprised at how one simple sentiment can turn someone’s day around. Pay it forward, even if it’s with your words + a smile.


If someone you know seems to be struggling, ask them if they need help. If your roommate is suddenly quiet or different than usual, chances are she’d appreciate your listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there + see if the women around you are in need of your help. Often, friends don’t necessarily need advice [so you don’t need to have an answer either!] — they simply need a friend.

4] *SMILE*

RBF is a thang, but try not to walk  around looking like you’re going to hurt the next person you see. Smiling at someone as you walk by is a simple way to make their day better. Although it may not seem like a big deal, it can work wonders for your mood + the mood of those around you.


We understand that with classes, work, + orgs,  it can be hard to delegate your time to others. Prioritize some time  each week to catch up with your friends. Whether this means going out to dinner or shopping on the weekend, you’ll be thankful to spend time with the ones who’re always there for you. With CHAARG, it’s easy to make time for your fave org, friends, + sweat seshes!


This may be the most important way to support the women around you. If your friend gets the internship she wanted, begins a new relationship, or is simply kicking butt in life, make sure you’re encouraging + celebrating her. Jealously holds no place in a friendship. Be there for the women in your life by working to boost their self esteem + make them feel good about their successes. As much as you #treatyoself, make sure you’re also treating your friends, even with your time + love.


We get it, it’s tempting to check your phone + see who liked your latest insta. But when it comes to being supportive, listening is one of the best ways to do so. Put your distractions aside + give others’  your full attention. By doing so, you’re showing her that you care, you’re here for her + you’ll give her the best advice you can.

Each of these things are easier than we realize. A smile, a compliment or a helping hand can go a long way. Empowered women empower women : )

++ Katie Kochanny [kk_inchaarg] // Michigan State University

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