11 Tips To Find Motivation to Work Out

With the fall semester starting to pick up, you may be finding it difficult to stay in a solid workout routine as you try to balance schoolwork with wellness. Sometimes it gets really difficult to find the time or even the motivation to get a good sweat sesh in, but we know that it always it’s a great de-stresser + feels amazing when you’re done! Whether you feel stuck in a rut with your routine or you are struggling to find the passion you once had to stay fit, here are our tips to get motivated.

#1] Set up a routine you can get excited about [+ stick to it!] — Knowing what you’re going to do when you get to the gym rather than just going in blind will give you a feeling of structure that will be sure to get you motivated!

#2] Try something new — A little bit of something that you have never tried before might be just what you need to spice up your workout routine! Experiment with things like yoga or running if you never have before or integrate some new equipment into your routine. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding your fit! Need some inspo? Check out the SWEAT category on the CHAARG blog!

#3] Do some research –– Finding out exactly what kind of benefits you are getting from the types of workouts you do can definitely help to motivate you, either by helping you find a new purpose for what you are doing or by inspiring you to change up your routine.

#4] Challenge yourself — Push yourself out of your comfort zone by trying something that you know will be challenging, it might just be your new favorite sweat sesh!

#5] Work out with a friend — Having a friend to hold you accountable to work out is very helpful, especially if you find yourself getting lazy with your routine.

#6] Take a class – Take a class offered by either your university recreation center [they may have student discounts or offer them for free!] or at a fitness center near you. Having a set day + time to workout with a group of people will make you feel more obligated to go ++ can be so much fun!

#7] Try working out in the morning –– You may find that you are more motivated to exercise first thing in the morning when you still have your whole day ahead of you, rather than late at night when you’re tired! Getting a good sweat sesh in in the morning can also have a positive impact on the rest of your day.

#8] Get some cute new workout clothes that you feel confident in — Nothing can spice up your workout routine quite like an outfit that makes you feel confident! Check out some of our favorite environmentally sustainable brands here, + here are some of our favorites if you’re on a budget!

#9] Make a new playlist — Find some songs that will get you excited to work out + add them all to a new workout playlist sure to get you more excited about your routine! Check out some of ours here.

#10] Treat yourself afterwards — Sometimes having something to look forward to during a workout is all it takes to get us through it. Treat yourself to something sweet after a hard workout as that can give you all the motivation you need. Check out these mug cake recipes or these strawberry cheesecake bites if you’re looking for something yummy to make yourself!

#11] Join CHAARG at your university ; ) — If CHAARG is not at your university yet, check out how to start your own chapter here!

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