The Morning Routine That I Do *Most* Mornings

We’ve all heard: “Oh, I guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”

I’m not sure about you, but I could be in a great mood + then this one phrase can turn my whole day upside down. 

Morning routines are like a pair of pants: we all have them, but they look different for each of us… + we have to try on a few before finding the perfect one that makes us feel good. Just like we do with pants, we have to find the morning routine that works best for us. It will look different for everyone since we all need different things, but we all have them! We just have to find the one that makes us most confident.

Oftentimes, we will follow an influencers morning routine that we see on Tik Tok or Instagram because we want to be like them, but what we don’t do enough is figure out the why behind why we are doing these things like:

  • Why am I getting into bed at 10 PM?
  • Why am I waking up at 6 AM?
  • Why am I working out in the morning?

There are so many factors that play into our morning routines, but we don’t really ever stop to think about the reason why. 

.     .     .

I am going to take you through the morning routine that I do *most* mornings, but I have a couple of things to note before I do that.

#1] A morning routine may not happen every morning + that is okay. Life gets in the way and we may need to switch around some parts of our routine.

#2] Sharing my morning routine is meant to give you some inspiration for how you want to structure your own mornings. I am not saying that my way is perfect, nor that it will be a good routine for you, but it can be inspiring to hear what others do during their own routines.

#3] With every part of my morning routine, I am going to give my why for the reason I have put that element into my routine. 

… okay, here’s my morning routine!

I do this because waking up on the earlier side starts my day off with some tranquility since I usually am alone during this time. I also wake up with the vibration on my watch rather than the loud alarm on the iPhone because it is a much more settling way to wake up

Depending on how my body is feeling that day, I will switch up my workouts. I like to start my morning by getting my body moving in some way because it really starts my day on a positive note. Working out is a good outlet for my anxiety so the morning is a really nice time for me to start my day off right. Right now, my favorite way to move is with CHAARG Run Club 😉

I am a sucker for a long, hot shower so that instantly makes me feel at peace; they’re kind of like a warm hug! While my skincare routine is neither extensive nor exciting, I still love to do it because it is something that I feel like I have control over

Breakfast = the best meal of the day HANDS DOWN so I really like to take my time with this. I go through waves for my breakfast meals rotating anywhere between, yogurt + fruit, sunshine [breakfast] sandwiches, or a bagel with cream cheese. Whatever I am feeling that day, I will have because I don’t want to restrict myself to anything first thing in the day

This is a time where it changes a lot depending on the day and how I am feeling. Sometimes I will use this time scrolling through social media trying to catch up, or I’ll use it to do some last-minute reading or homework before class, or I will catch up on CHAARG work. I like that this time is so flexible because we all need a little flexibility in our lives.

.     .     .

When you start creating your own routine, I want you to feel challenged and really think about the why. Think about the reasons behind waking up at a certain time or the reasons behind doing everything that you choose to include. Don’t just add something to your routine for the sake of doing it, or because you saw someone else put it in their morning routine. Really take the time + think about the purpose it serves in YOUR routine. Every action is helping you become a better version of yourself for the day ahead.

Self-Love Share: Now it’s your turn… what’s your morning routine? What’s your favorite part of your morning routine? What’s something that you want to add [or take away] from your current morning routine? Tag @CHAARG + #CHAARGSelfLoveClub

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