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Anyone that knows me knows that I start most of my stories with “so I was listening to this podcast…” It’s because I absolutely love them! Podcasts are an incredible resource to take in information about news, culture, sports, literally everything! Podcasts help us learn + grow, providing us with new ways to learn all sorts of information. 

In terms of Mental Health Month, we wanted to create a resource for podcasts all about different aspects of mental health + illness. Podcasts are an excellent way to connect with issues + hear more from those who have struggled with similar experiences. Some shows will bring on psychologists, authors + professors to educate listeners about the science behind mental illness. Other episodes might include the voices of therapists, psychiatrists, + other medical professionals to provide tips + resources as well as information for how people can get help. Some of my favorite shows include conversations from survivors + those still struggling to figure it out, so the audience can hear + connect with the hosts. 

Here are my 6 favorite current podcasts on mental health [+ my favorite episodes from each podcast!]:

#1] The Positive Psychology Podcast

The Positive Psychology Podcast works to bridge the gap between science + life by talking about all sorts of topics like mindfulness, gratitude, positive emotions + relationships. The podcast is hosted by Kristen Truempy, who discusses “positive psychology” a branch of psychology that focuses on helping people become happier. Who doesn’t want that? 

#2] Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Nora McInerny hosts this weekly podcast where she brings on different guests to discuss some of the low points of their lives. We hear from authors, athletes, celebrities + others on how they are *really doing* ++ their tips on making it out of these darker times in their lives. 

#3] Therapy for Black Girls

Bias is all around us, including in mental healthy + in therapy. Host Dr. Joy Harden Bradford connects with others on her educational podcasts who offer their expertise in the specific mental health issues facing women of color. Many of the episodes in 2020 discuss the challenging issues + conversations that need to be had while offering advice on how to be the best possible version of ourselves during times of crisis. 

#4] The Hilarious World of Depression

Obviously mental illness isn’t anything to joke about but this podcast tries to bring lighthearted humor into the mix. The podcast includes conversations between top comedians + the public radio host John Moe. The episodes try to fight against the stigma of this isolating disease, hoping to show listeners that you don’t have to fight depression alone. 

#5] Mental

Mental is hosted by a British podcaster — what could be better? The hosts bring on different guests who share their own mental health journeys in hopes to destigmatize illnesses such as anxiety + depression. The show hopes to host conversations that can be carried on out in the real world to continue normalizing mental health conversations. 

Of course we can’t forget about the The CHAARG Podcast! Be sure to tune in every other week to hear Elisabeth interview unique individuals with topics ranging from health + wellness, to professional development, to friendships + relationships ++ so much more!

What are some of your favorite podcasts? [mental health-related or not] Be sure to share them with us in the comments below or on Instagram using #inCHAARG!

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