May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! So many incredible organizations [like Mental Health America + the National Alliance on Mental Illness] are bringing awareness to Mental Health through providing amazing resources [such as MHA’s free online Mental Health screening] as well as education on what Mental Illness is + how we can end the stigma associated with it.

One of CHAARG’s core values is that we are strong – physically, mentally, + emotionally! We believe that overall wellness is closely tied between your physical being, mental health, + emotional resilience. While 1 in 4 adults in America are challenged by a Mental Illness, the rate is actually much higher in women  — research suggests that women are 40% more likely to develop depression than men + twice as likely to develop PTSD than men after a traumatic event [source = Psychology Today].  We know + have seen first hand how mental illness has affected our community + are proud of so many CHAARG women that have shared their story with us regarding their Mental Health journey.

All throughout the Month of May, we are joining the movement to start the conversation on mental health, fight stigma of this topic, + provide support//resources for not only the CHAARG community, but men + women across the country. Find various resources on mental health awareness including blog posts, TED talks, meditations, + even share your own story on this page!

Join us in continuing to raise awareness for Mental Illness all throughout the month of May + please share this page. You never know what those around you may be going through ++ who this could help!

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Your story is important. Have you faced challenges with Mental Health that you would like to share with the CHAARG Community? We would love to hear about your journey — what you have found helpful + what you would like to share to help other CHAARG girls!


This month, we would love for you to share a fear, insecurity, part of yourself that you are ashamed of, part of yourself that you are working on, etc. ++ share why you are more than that. Tag us with #inCHAARG so that we can all see each others! Read more here <3

Mental Health in the media

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Reaching out for help

NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE | This is a suicide prevention network of 161 crisis centers that provides a 24/7 hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis//emotional distress. Reach the lifeline at: 800-273-8255.

FIND A HEALTHCARE PROVIDER//TREATMENT | For general info on mental health + to locate treatment services in your area, call the Substance Abuse + Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA] Treatment Referral Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP [4357]. SAMHSA also has a Behavioral Health Treatment Locator on its website that can be searched by location.

NAMI [NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS] | You can reach the NAMI Helpline at 800-950-6264. In a crisis? Text NAMI to 741741.

MHA [MENTAL HEALTH AMERICA] | MHA offers free, confidential, + all online mental health screenings. Find them here!