The CHAARG DAYTREAT is our first ever wellness experience for post-grads + we can’t contain our excitement — especially because these INCREDIBLE women will be joining us for the day + speaking on our live podcast panel! These women are all rockstars in the wellness community + even though the DAYTREAT is about three weeks away, we asked them a few rapid fire questions to introduce them a little early ; )

ALSO, as a lil’ thank you for reading during your LDW — email me (( with one book every woman should read, ++ I’ll give you a discount to the DAYTREAT! ((There are only 25 spots left, eeeek!))

But first, meet the panel! <3

Addie Martanovic [@chickpeainthecity] — Health + wellness blogger at Chickpea In The City, passionate about recipes, matcha, + music.
Alex Mazzurco [@almazzurco] — Former bikini//figure competitor, body positivity advocate, health coach, + donut connoisseur!
Cat Aldana [@cataldasana] — Founder of Eat Stretch Nap, ++ lover of yin yoga + meditation + recently, akashic records ; )
Kristine Schumann [@kristineaschumann] — CorePower Yoga Instructor, into all things yoga, horoscopes, + crystals!
Mary Kesinger [@itsmaryk] — Author of Run My World ++ fitness blogger at It’s Mary K, #GIRLBOSS.
Sarah Clem [@sarahkclem] — Leader at CHAARG + loves meditation, leadership development + SoulCycle.

One word to describe you

Addie — Optimistic
Alex — Loud
Cat — Queen
Kristine — Compassionate
Mary — Extra ; )
Sarah — Aware

Philosophy on health + wellness

Addie — I think physical wellness is just as important as mental wellness, which is why I focus on sharing positive aspects of my day and helping others find the little things in life. I focus on living a healthy lifestyle overall by eating what feels best for me and not sticking to one specific “way” of eating, and the same goes for working out.
Alex — Balance, but it’s the hardest way to go about it. There are no good foods and bad foods, just foods. It’s a choice to enjoy all foods in moderation and truly enjoy all that life has to offer.
Mary — Find YOUR fit in a way that nourishes + fuels your mind, body, ++ soul so that you can live your best life.
Kristine — The most wonderful thing I’ve learned through yoga is that we have the tools to heal ourselves and be the best versions of ourselves.  For so many of us, myself included, we are attracted to the physical practice and that is just the beginning.  Health & Wellness is different in every body and my philosophy is to activate the tools within us to be the best version of ourself.

Favorite self-care practice

Sarah — TOWEL TIME! I have a robe that I will snuggle up in after I take a shower + spend time relaxing. Reading a book, journaling, drinking some hot tea… spending time just in my robe + feeling total relaxation after a hot shower [or bath] always refreshes me + gives myself the time to feel total self-love.
Cat — Meditation
Addie — Listening to Spotify – music is the ultimate mood shifter + mind lifter!
Mary — Taking baths, or most recently, + turning off ALL phone notifications!

2018 intentions

Addie — To work hard for what i want and not let the energy of others put me down, to always stay positive even in situations where i struggle to and enjoying the little moments in every day.
Sarah — Acceptance + Surrender. Learning to accept things as they come while surrendering fully to the present moment : )
Mary — Imagination! I’ve been embracing more of my creative side, personally + professionally. I’ve also been prioritizing my mental rest//recovery. 

Ideal morning routine

Mary — My ideal morning begins waking up early for a sunrise fitness class so that I can begin my day on high note, feeling strong + powerful. I love to eat a big breakfast at home, often eggs, toast, + a green smoothie. I’m grateful to have the flexibility to work from home sometimes, so if possible, I’ll begin my workday on my couch in a big, fluffy robe. I prefer to get all of my “admin work” done first ASAP so that I can focus all of my creative energy without worrying about little things on my to-do list.
Kristine — Every morning I start with tea + my horoscope, I take my dog Riley on a 30 minute walk without my phone, just to observe nature, + I listen to music while I get ready.
Cat — Wake up. Shower. Brush Teeth. Stretch. Meditate. Gratitude journal. Read. Free write. Eat!

Book every woman should read

Addie — The Untethered Soul
Mary — 
The Four Agreements
Cat — Loving What Is
Kristine — E
at, Pray, Love

Greatest lesson on your career

Alex — You’re not stuck where you land. I’ve had to pave my own path my whole life + I have a career that I never could have imagined I’d have or that I’d be the one to create it.
Kristine — As Jim Carrey says “you can fail at doing something you don’t love, so you may as well take a chance on what you do love.”  I’ve failed at a career in which I tried to convince myself I was happy, even though I was miserable.  Don’t let fear hold you back from living the life you always imagined.
Cat — No one is going to give you permission to do anything. You must give it to yourself.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received

Mary — Don’t take or ask for advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.
Sarah — “This too shall pass”. My dad first said this to me when I was in college + going through a really rough breakup [leave it to your dad to have some great advice!]. This advice has gotten me through some really dark moments but also has taken on a different meaning lately.. it has began to keep me grounded in every moment. “This too shall pass” applies to all circumstances, seasons, emotions, + physical/mental states. You will not always be feeling sad or helpless, but you also won’t always be feeling happy or enthusiastic. You will not always be sick, but you won’t always have your physical health either. So whenever you are caught up in an emotion, circumstance, or state [positive or negative] – just remember, “This too shall pass”.
Kristine — 
You can never stray that far from your truth again.

Are you inspired yet?! : )

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