Meet Nadeen, LSU CHAARG’s Ambassador


Major + Year: Chemical Engineering, Senior

Hometown: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Fav Sweat Sesh: Yoga + Boxing

Workout I Want To Try: Water Workout + Surfing

Fav Healthy Snack: Yogurt with Fruits + Granola

FitGoal: I want to look fly in my grey #CHAARG tank all year long ; )



The moment I knew I wanted to become the next CHAARG Ambassador at my university… I’ve struggled with loving my body for years + always blamed it on things other than myself. The conversations that we tend to have in front of the mirror, shape the circumstances of our lives. I realized that directing my focus toward something positive, something that makes me happy or smile, would eventually become my reality. All of those things I could only wish to happen, could actually happen — if I allowed them to. Once I started to direct my energy toward positivity, my life took a drastic change… I am living a happier, healthier + more confident life. Morgan Simpson was an inspiration to me — she made me fall in love with this positive fitness lifestyle. She showed me that it doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey — you should be happy with yourself + body. That was the moment I knew I wanted to become the next CHAARG Ambassador! I wanted to show girls that there is definitely a way to set goals for yourself, while loving the person that you already are! This community is filled with girls who face their journeys every day with self-love + confidence — no shortcuts, no excuses! Who wouldn’t want to be part of a community that spreads LOVE around campuses across the nation? CHAARG has helped me enjoy my health//fitness + showed me that it can be tons of fun at the same time. I want other girls to experience CHAARG as well!

My passion for health + fitness was ignited when… My passion for health + fitness was ignited when I realized that you only have one body + you should LOVE IT! I was involved in many sports growing up, but nothing really stuck. Going through a rough time during my freshman year of college, my friends and I decided on two things: taking yoga classes + boxing/kickboxing classes. I fell in LOVE with this fitness combo; it was a perfect balance for me! I shifted towards a new positive way of thinking and felt happier every day. Working out wasn’t a chore anymore, + it wasn’t about *losing weight* or feeling like *I have to look a certain way* anymore! Little did I know health//fitness became a lifestyle that I embraced with arms wide open!

// EAT //

Favorite Meal… I LOVE BREAKFAST! Eggs with spinach + mushrooms or a bowl of oats with banana + blueberries + honey [YUM!]

Favorite Indulgence… I scream for ICE CREAM! I keep telling myself that I should be an ice cream blogger one day. I even have a list of ice cream places that I want to visit one day! : )


// SWEAT //

If you could work out with anyone dead or alive, what workout would you do + who would you work out with? I would love to practice yoga with Kerri Verna [@beachyogagirl]. She always practices yoga on gorgeous beaches + takes amazing yoga pictures/video! Who wouldn’t want to practice with beautiful scenery?

A song that gets me pumped to take on a #sweatsesh is… I love music that helps me stay constantly uplifted + energized — one of my favorite songs that I cannot pass up is Seeya by Deadmau5.



My passion is… traveling wherever + whenever. Traveling has opened my eyes to different cultures, food, natural wonders + everything else this world has to offer. There’s always something new to discover, love + appreciate in this diverse world.

I am #inCHAARG because… I want to be part of a movement that spreads positivity to college aged girls! I was once that girl who didn’t want to try anything new at the gym because it was *for boys only*. Yes, me + the elliptical were best buds — an hour a day, 5 times a week! I never thought that now I would be all over the place doing pushups, burpees, sprinting or even owning #CHAARG blue boxing gloves 😉 [who knew they made those lol] I am happy that this organization shows girls that the sky is the limit!


// LIVE //

3 words to describe you are… Compassionate, Curious + Creative

Fun Fact… Any little thing can amuse me! It makes every moment memorable and special 🙂

Favorite life quote… 



Keep up with Nadeen on instagram + make sure to say hello if you see her at Louisiana State University. : ) If you or any friends go to LSU — email Nadeen at  + learn how to get involved in CHAARG.


Are you interested in starting a CHAARG Chapter at your university? Apply to become an Ambassador! Head here for more info + email for an app : )

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