Body Positivity Challenge: Meet Mary Kesinger

We can’t wait to officially kick off the Body Positivity Challenge ((the entire month of February!)). In the meantime, make sure you grab your spot [sign up here!] + meet our leaders! Mary is a longtime CHAARG girl + is one of the biggest #GirlBosses we know when it comes to post-grad life — she’ll be covering content relating to confidence + surrounding yourself with an amazing group of friends during the challenge!

Q + A with Mary —

1] Profession + City:

Digital Marketing + Fitness Trainer, + Chicago!

2] Go to healthy breakfast:

Eggs + toast.

3] 3 things always in my pantry:

Peanut butter, oatmeal, + Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning!

4] Favorite sweat sesh:

Strength training

5] Favorite restaurant in my city:

Cafe Ba Ba Reeba

6] Physical aspect of my body I love:

My long legs!

7] Quality I admire in myself:

Determination + extreme work ethic

8] Currently, I’m working on:

SLOWING DOWN to be more careful + thoughtful

9] Proudest wellness moment:

Overcoming an eating disorder

10] Wellness trend I love:

Meditative running

11] What I learned through my wellness journey:

At the end of the day, you don’t need advice. your gut will tell you everything you REALLY need!

12] When I’m stressed out I:

Cry. ++ obsessively check my calendar to feel *in control*

13] Habit that changed my life:

Spending my mornings in ways I enjoy to embrace my energy

14] Body positivity instagram crush:


15] Body positivity tip:

Prioritize + do more of what makes you feel most alive!

16] 3 resources every CHAARG girl should know about:

  • Library [check out books to read before you buy, like on a date ; )]
  • [unsubscribe from ALLLL those emails — zero inbox please!!]
  • The unfollow button [or at least mute]

17] Advice I wish I could give my 20 year old self:

Do more things that make you laugh

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