Meet Marissa, BGSU CHAARG’s Ambassador



Major + Year: Dietetics // Senior [Round 1]

Hometown: Pemberville, Ohio

Fav Sweat Sesh: Crossfit — I love lifting + cardio!

Workout I Want To Try: Aerial Silks Yoga

Fav Healthy Snack: Bananas

FitGoal: Find my rhythm again with running




The moment I knew I wanted to become the next CHAARG Ambassador at my university… I fell *in love* with CHAARG the summer before my second year of college when I participated in my very first fitplan. I wanted to have a chapter at BGSU but just felt like I was a little too young + still just not ready to take on a feat so big. That’s exactly when I met Sammi who was our previous ambassador. I cheered her on the whole time she was going through her interview process + crossed my fingers that somehow was could share something amazing with our university. + Let me tell you, once Sammi got the news we celebrated + yelled in a stairwell late at night when no one else even knew or understood what we were cheering about.

My passion for health + fitness was ignited when… As soon as the whistle blew at the last high school soccer game I had this sinking feeling that I was losing a part of who I was. I had played soccer competitively almost my entire life + I didn’t know where to go from there because I had never done anything else. Randomly one day I went through my parents old VHS tapes + found a Tae Bo with Billy Banks video. I couldn’t be more serious when I tell you that I did it every day for months. They wore a lot of spandex, I had never heard the music before, and Billy Banks was always really really sweaty — but it was so much fun + it was different. It was something that I had never done before + I really enjoyed doing it even if it was all by myself in my living room. I found a purpose again + eventually it would move outside of my living room, I just needed the right push.

// EAT //

Favorite Meal… I LOVE BREAKFAST. I love eggs. I love waffles. I love hash browns. I love breakfast. + My all time favorite breakfast is a two egg omelet with peppers + hashbrowns with jalapenos. It’s always nice to have a good *kick* to start off your morning.

Favorite Indulgence… They say love comes in all shapes + sizes + my first love comes in the shape of a circle. Big pizza, little pizza, thin or thick — I want to eat them all.



// SWEAT //

If you could work out with anyone dead or alive, what workout would you do + who would you work out with? To be honest — probably Billy Banks — Only if he wore his spandex from the 80’s though.

A song that gets me pumped to take on a #sweatsesh is… Break a Sweat — Becky G



My passion is… I am a firm believer that the way to EVERYONE’S heart — is through their stomach. I am passionate about helping others understand what food can do for our bodies + that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or restricting.

I am #inCHAARG because… I love this community so so much. The CHAARG community loved me at my high points + loved me more at my lowest points. Through this organization I learned more about myself + self love than I could have ever imagined. I continue to be #inCHAARG because I hope that every time I talk about CHAARG or post something on social media I am giving the chance to someone else that they can learn about self love, fitness, + having a genuinely loving community behind them.


// LIVE //


3 words to describe you are… Passionate, light hearted, + maybe a little sarcastic

Fun Fact… I am one of the most gracefully uncoordinated humans on the face of the earth. If you’d love a terrible dance partner but a good laugh — 10 out of 10 recommend standing next to me at Zumba ; )

Favorite life quote… 

“It will take all your heart. It will take all your breath.” – Adrienne Rich

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Keep up with Marissa on instagram + make sure to say hello if you see her at Bowling Green State University. : ) If you or any friends go to BGSU — email Marissa at  + learn how to get involved in CHAARG.


Are you interested in starting a CHAARG Chapter at your university? Apply to become an Ambassador! Head here for more info + email for an app : )

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