Meet Kylie, Loyola CHAARG’s Ambassador



Major + Year: Human Resource Management // Senior

Hometown: McHenry, IL

Fav Sweat Sesh: Zumba

Workout I Want To Try: SoulCycle

Fav Healthy Snack: Apples + Peanut Butter

FitGoal: Run a half marathon  



The moment you knew you wanted to start a CHAARG chapter at your university… was when I learned what CHAARG’s mission + values are. I believe that being well is not only staying fit + eating right but also living a balanced lifestyle to truly live a happy and productive life. CHAARG’s embodies those ideals as well as having a strong community of girls that motivate + support one another. Therefore, I knew I wanted to bring CHAARG to Loyola.


My passion for health + fitness was ignited when… I was in high school. Growing up I did not know how important nutrition + exercise was, so by the time I was 15 I was always feeling sluggish + tired even though I would get plenty of sleep. Once I figured out it was because of my lack of eating right + not getting enough exercise, I was hooked to all things health + fitness. I was involved in multiple sport teams + once I got to college I found my love for group fitness classes.

// EAT //

Favorite Meal… Grilled BBQ salmon with brown rice and steamed veggies

Favorite Indulgence…  Gelato



// SWEAT //

If you could work out with anyone dead or alive, what workout would you do + who would you work out with? Cassey Ho! I have been doing her Pop Pilates videos on YouTube for years + would love to do her workouts with her in person!

A song that gets me pumped to take on a #sweatsesh is… HandClap by Fitz and the Tantrums


My passion is… living a positive + healthy lifestyle that motivates myself and others to live their life to the fullest.  I also love to travel and experience new things!

I am #inCHAARG because… I know I can set + achieve any goal I set my mind to, whether that be in fitness or career related.



// LIVE //

3 words to describe you are… Hardworking + Friendly + Adventurous

Fun Fact…  I can list all 50 states in alphabetical order by memory

Favorite life quote… 

“Do one thing every day that scares you” Eleanor Roosevelt


Keep up with Kylie on instagram + make sure to say hello if you see her at Loyola University. : ) If you or any friends go to Loyola — email Kylie at  + learn how to get involved in CHAARG.


Are you interested in starting a CHAARG Chapter at your university? Apply to become an Ambassador! Head here for more info + email for an app : )

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