Meet Jess, South Carolina CHAARG’s Ambassador


Major + Year: Marine Science // Senior

Hometown: Doylestown, PA

Fav Sweat Sesh: Hiking

Workout I Want To Try: POUND!

Fav Healthy Snack: Smoothie bowls

FitGoal: I want to start running more and start working out more consistently




The moment you knew you wanted to start a CHAARG chapter at your university… I went on the CHAARG website for the first time + I was already hooked on CHAARG. I constantly hear girls say they want to have a passion with fitness but get bored of the same workout everyday ++ what better way to motivate and inspire girls than a CHAARG chapter?!

My passion for health + fitness was ignited when… Sophomore year of college something in me just clicked ++ wanted to change my lifestyle! I wasn’t happy with where I was. I now have a love for the gym instead of dreading it and enjoy eating healthy food.

// EAT //

Favorite Meal… Chicken curry

Favorite Indulgence… Cookies or brownies, or anything chocolate!



// SWEAT //

If you could work out with anyone dead or alive, what workout would you do + who would you work out with? Carrie Underwood — Those legs are *goals*

A song that gets me pumped to take on a #sweatsesh is… anything Beyonce! Upgrade U, Run the World, Move Your Body, ANYTHING BY HER!


My passion is… helping others! Whether it is marine mammals (hopefully in my future) or helping girls find their passion for fitness, to see how I can change someone’s life is the *best feeling* in the world.

I am #inCHAARG because… CHAARG is everything I believe in. I lost weight because I completely turned my life around through fitness and figured out what makes me happy. I want to share the passion I have for fitness with other girls at my University + encourage them to start or stick with their health + fitness journey and show them how working out doesn’t have to be something you dread!


// LIVE //

3 words to describe you are… Passionate, Quirky, Energetic

Fun Fact… I have a little gray dachshund named Luna who loves working out (aka long walks!)

Favorite life quote… 

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”


Keep up with Jess on instagram + make sure to say hello if you see her at the University of South Carolina. : ) If you or any friends go to USC — email Jess at  + learn how to get involved in CHAARG.


Are you interested in starting a CHAARG Chapter at your university? Apply to become an Ambassador! Head here for more info + email for an app : )

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