Meet Alissa, IU CHAARG’s Ambassador


We are so excited to welcome a third Big 10 university to our community — Indiana University! We’ve said from the beginning that the first conference we want to completely expand to is the Big 10.CHAARG started in the Big 10 at Ohio State University + expanding CHAARG to all of the Big 10 universities would be such a milestone. My brother goes to Indiana University, so I knew that it was a pretty active campus, but to be honest I didn’t know how active it was until meeting Alissa…not to mentioned how active Alissa was on her campus. From helping put on Indiana University’s Dance Marathon to competing in Little 500 to encouraging her sorority sisters to workout with her, she is constantly giving back to her community in health + fitness ways. Alissa is one of the sweetest girls with the biggest smile — her enthusiasm for life is contagious.  You guys are going to love her.

Alissa Becker | Indiana University


Major – Exercise Science

Graduation Date – SP 2016

Favorite Workout — Long runs outside

Workout I Want To Try – Pure Barre

Favorite Healthy Snack – Bananas with PB, granola, + honey

Fit Goal: To better myself, others, + CHAARG at IU each physically + mentally

How did you hear about CHAARG?

I heard about CHAARG a little over a year ago through Natalia Martin, who is currently CHAARG VP Membership at Ohio State. I ran Track and Field with Natalia in high school, so I already knew her work ethic and attitude about exercising. She always took the workouts seriously, but aside from that she would have a blast at practices and build up everyone’s morale. I then started following CHAARG on every social media site, and once I read the first blog post, I was completely hooked.

When was the moment you knew that you had to bring CHAARG to IU?

It had always been in the back of my mind throughout freshman year and finally this summer, it hit me that I could make my dream happen. I could bring CHAARG to IU. I was sitting by the pool when I envisioned CHAARG thriving at IU and told my friend what my goals were. I wanted to start a CHAARG chapter at IU and make it as successful as possible. Now that I am here, I know I am on the right path and I am head over heels in love with CHAARG and everything it stands for!

What ignited your passion for health + fitness?

I was very active in high school from doing a range of Track and Field, Gymnastics, Dance, and Cheerleading. At the time I just loved being busy. It wasn’t until college that I realized my passion for eating healthy and working out. Then was when it became a personal decision and I found myself wanting to stay in shape. I also wanted to get out of my campus bubble and see the towns of Indiana, which is where I became addicted to long runs and cycling. I ran my first Half Marathon in Bloomington that year and joined the Little 500 bike team for my sorority to prove to myself that I could still succeed and achieve my fitness goals on my own! Following, I started reaching out to my friends to work out with and I discovered that accomplishing my fitness goals with others made it 10 times more rewarding.

Aside from working out, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I absolutely love traveling, helping others and spending time with my family. Getting out of my comfort zone through traveling and trying new things gives me such a sense of joy and accomplishment. Through taking service mission trips with my family, I have gained a new appreciation of helping others and what it means to live a simple life filled with joy. I learned what it meant to be happy when only having the clothes on your back and the people around you. Spending time with my family is my favorite hobby and something I know I will never get tired of.

What excites you most about starting a CHAARG Chapter at IU?

What excites me the most is to see other girl’s passion for health and fitness grow and be able to help make that happen. Also, through college, there can be a lot of things to balance so I want to help girls see the beauty in balancing their lives physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Health and fitness can give a peace of mind and contentment from taking care of our bodies. With the opportunities and support system through IU CHAARG, I know I can strive to accomplish this and give girls a new sense of confidence. Lastly, I am so excited to meet all the new CHAARG members and gain many new lifelong friendships!


Do you go to IU? Email Alissa at + learn how to get involved with CHAARG — whether as a general member, exec member, or supporter! If you know of any health + fitness professionals in the IU area who may be interested in leading a CHAARG event, please send them our way as well! Join the movement + #CHAARGon.

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