Marquette University CHAARG


Ambassador: Stephanie Nichols
Chapter Instagram Hashtag: #MarquetteCHAARG
Studio Spotlight Day + Time: Tuesday nights // Two sessions between 7:00 – 9:30pm
Small Group Day + Time: Based on your preference! More info to come when you join!
Founded: Fall 2016
Questions? Read the CHAARG Chapter FAQ here!


Meet the Ambassador


Welcome to Marquette University CHAARG!

I’m hoping after viewing this page, you decide to make the best decision of your life + join our CHAARG chapter! We are all about creating a better YOU ++ improving your lifestyle! I’m Stephanie Nichols, the Marquette CHAARG ambassador! I joined our CHAARG chapter during my freshman year + have loved every minute of it! My life has been changed through new workouts that I never would have tried on my own ++ all the lovely women I have had the honor of meeting! Although fitness is part of what we do, we are not a workout club. We are just one part of a 50+ chapter organization that is dedicated to changing lives both mentally, emotionally, and through fitness. We can’t wait to have you as a part of our chapter + help transform Marquette CHAARG during its third year on campus!

Meet the exec team

Ambassador: Stephanie Nichols | VP Membership: Rachel Metz | VP Media: Alaa Shanaa | Event Coordinators: Helen Kash + Piper Bottom | Secretary: Stephanie Nichols | Treasurer: Sabrina Norton

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