Manifesting Your Intentions — Step By Step

I know there are some cynics out there about *the new year* + the resolutions that people start shouting from the rooftops, but I am not one of them. I love seeing people commit themselves to becoming a higher version of themselves + begin taking actionable steps towards living their best life. While I don’t believe we necessarily need a new calendar year to do this, if that’s what has people starting on their journeys — then so be it! Besides, the inner-nerd of me loves the idea of starting something at step 1 [or month 1 in this case ; )].

I’ve seen tons of posts about *intentions* this year or a *word* people are channeling… I love this. I think that there is special about setting our *tone* for the year rather than having just specific goals [although those are great too!].

Following suit, I’ve set my intention for the year — Acceptance + Surrender. I’m sure I’ll go more in depth about why I’ve chosen this as my intention for the year, but for now I wanted to share how I’m keeping this as my tone for the year.

When I started with Acceptance + Surrender as my 2018 intention, I was so excited [++ I still am] — but to be honest I became a little overwhelmed. These are two huge words/concepts/themes to integrate into my everyday life [as any year-long intention should be]. I fully believe that reaching my highest self is a journey — I can’t just wake up one day with an intention + live it out for 24 hours of that day, I need to take steps. I need to learn along the journey ++ have moments of reflection, of planning, + of celebration with my intention; which is why I’m breaking it down into “Monthly Steps”.

I’m determining 12 *steps* that I think fall into my overarching theme of Acceptance + Surrender ++ using each month to focus on those individual parts of my overarching intention. My intention came to me through deep prayer, so I am counting on these steps to come to me every month in a similar manner ++ so far they have [month 1 at least did ; )]. However, for the planner-type a’s out there, I’m sure you could also plan it out ++ know what each month is going to focus on in advance [see the Daily Stoic + their 12 themes this year for inspo!].

Month one is going to be about release. I think that in any aspect of acceptance or surrender, you must release + let go a lot of the *ish that’s holding you back. Releasing jealousy, fear, envy, my inner critic, etc — just let it all go so there is space to accept every moment.

I wanted to create a *template* to help with this — you can check it out // download it here! PS // Any designer friends who want to create a prettier template… please do : )

I’d love to see your January step // what your intention this year is [you can see mine above]! Share it on insta with me @sarahkclem.

Peace, Love, + Sweat,


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