Are You Working Hard or Hardly Working? 5 Ways to Make Your Workout For YOU

One of the most beautiful parts about CHAARG is that it welcomes girls of all fitness levels. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, there is a place for you here! <3 The #CHAARG35 provides the incredible opportunity to learn how to make a workout fit for *YOU*.

While there are plenty of suggestions for modifications [+ ways for you to turn your workout up!] in each #CHAARG35 sweat sesh, we wanted to give you a few more tips to make your daily sweat sesh personalized for you + your fitness level!

#1] Workout Using Drop Set Weights

Completing a workout using drop set weights is a great way to tone down your workout without quitting. While completing a move, if you feel the weight is becoming too heavy that you are unable to maintain proper form, drop to a lower set of weights. This technique not only allows you to finish STRONG, but also maintain proper form + eliminate risk for injury.

Example: During a set of 20 reps you may be able to use 10 LB dumbbells for the first 12 reps before you struggle to maintain proper form. Rather than taking a break or risking injury, drop down to 8 LB dumbbells to complete the last 8 reps with proper form.

#2] Perform Exercise For A Set Time, Rather Than Set Number

Instead of aiming to complete a specific number of reps, try choosing to complete as many reps as possible with proper form for a set amount of time. This allows you to compete with only yourself + helps cater the workout to your fitness level!

#3] Divide The Reps

For some of us, doing the same move for a high number of reps can be incredibly challenging — especially if we are new to working out! If you find it too challenging to complete a high number of reps or feel like mixing it up, try this: rather than completing all the reps at once, try dividing them into smaller sets with another move.

Example: If the workout calls for 50 Bicycles and 50 Flutter Kicks, alternate between 25 Bicycles + 25 Flutter Kicks twice to reach your total of 50 reps each!

#4] Modify The Move

Find a move too challenging [or too easy!]? There is always a way to modify them for beginners or turn up the heat for those who are more experienced ; )

Example: If you find Side Planks too challenging, try dropping your knee closest to the ground — your obliques still have to work HARD to hold you up, just not as hard. Are Side Planks too easy? Try lifting your top leg towards the ceiling during your Side Plank to make your core burn more!

#5] Increase//Decrease Rounds

Finding a circuit workout too challenging? Instead of completing two rounds — try starting with one. Two rounds too easy for ya? Tone up your workout by adding an extra round! ; )

Not sure if your workout fits you? Try following this rule: During a workout you should feel *slight* discomfort [from being fatigued + working your muscles!] — NEVER in pain. Take time during the #CHAARG35 to get to know, love, + appreciate your body for all that it can do — no matter where you are in your journey!

++ Allison Tapocsi [allison_inchaarg] // Kent State CHAARG

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