Lucy’s CHAARG Journey: Taking The #CHAARGBootycamp Abroad [The Ultimate Way To Say Yes To New Adventures!]

CHAARG Journey Stories highlight our members’ amazing journeys through CHAARG — physically, mentally, + emotionally. Lucy was one of the three winners of the CHAARG Bootycamp 2017. We are so proud of her for completing the FitPlan while studying abroad in Vienna, Austria + incorporating meditation into her wellness routine! Read Lucy’s entire CHAARG Journey Story below! 

Looking back on my past six weeks of the CHAARG Bootycamp, I am able to finally see my progress. I’ve always been an *endings* person. I judge a movie based on the last scene + I look at friendships for how they ended. Sometimes, I forget to be in the moment + focus on the present. This FitPlan was much more to me than trying new sweat seshes every week, it was a mental shift that I have been trying to make for past year.

Towards the second semester of last school year, I started getting panic attacks. Sometimes they would be triggered by a phobia, such as flying on a plane, but sometimes they would be random + I would almost *think* myself into an attack. It was frustrating that my mind was psyching my body out — sometimes for weeks at a time. Because of this, I was inconsistent with my workouts + my progress constantly fluctuated.

My mom is a psychologist so I decided to talk to her about it. She told me the best things I can do are stay active + practice mindfulness. I had never meditated before so this was something that was pretty intimidating to me. But I took her advice to heart because I was ready to stop constantly living in fear. Seeing all of the meditation focus of the FitPlan + all of my fellow CHAARG girls posting on their _inCHAARG Instagram accounts after practicing mindfulness gave me the courage to finally give it a try. So I downloaded Headspace + I am currently trying to mediate ten minutes per day. Following this aspect of the FitPlan has truly allowed my thoughts to start to slow + relax.


Another huge aspect of my FitPlan journey is the number of countries that this FitPlan was able to travel to this summer. I started this FitPlan in Vienna, Austria while I was studying abroad. I remember laying out a towel + using a tiny little hallway in the apartment I was living in to complete the workouts. During one of the workouts, some of my roommates decided to join me + try a one of the sweat seshes + there were four girls sardined in this five-foot space doing crunches + jumping jacks. Additionally, throughout doing the FitPlan, I pushed myself to workout extra during the week when I knew I would be traveling to Prague or Budapest over the weekend. Being able to incorporate this FitPlan journey into my study abroad adventure allowed me to further expand the experiences that I was able to have.  

After Vienna, I came home for a couple of days before I was back on a plane on my way to Belize. Working out in Belize was fantastic because I was able to do outdoor sunrise + sunset yoga + hydrate with FRESH coconut water daily [so amazing!]. The FitPlan fit in perfectly with the natural landscape + health focused activities that Belize offered. I would start the day with a sweat sesh, then go kayaking or swimming + end the day with gentle stretching on the pier. It was a health haven + this is where I actually saw most of my progress!

This journey story would not be complete without sharing a few words on confidence + my growth with self-confidence. During my freshman year of college, I had a lot of weight fluctuations. I told myself so many times that I wouldn’t be the person who gained the freshman fifteen. Looking back on my freshman year, I realized that gaining a little weight or having your body change is completely normal + I shouldn’t have shamed myself as much as I did for jumping up a few sizes. Throughout this FitPlan, I was finally able to gain confidence in my *adult body* + stop wishing for my 15-year-old high school body to come back. This FitPlan was so much more than losing a few inches of my *belly* or toning up my booty — it allowed me to love my body for what it is capable of. I traveled all over the world, enjoyed an eye opening + relaxing family vacation, + became so much stronger mentally + physically. This FitPlan, I finally learned to focus on all of the incredible things that I am capable of rather than what I look like ++ this completely shifted my outlook on confidence + my health//fitness.

++ Lucy Bedewi [lucybedewi_inchaarg] University of Maryland CHAARG

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