Love Your Booty

Happy Hump Day! On this last #HumpDay of the CHAARG Spring Break FitPlan, we are giving your booty a whole lot of lovin’. For the Smith Machine Squats + DB Lunges + DB Reverse Lunges, you’ll be increasing weights [5-10 lbs each set] from set #1 to set #5. On set #6, you’ll use the same weight as set #1.

Here’s an example of what you might do for Smith Machine Squats:

Set #1 — 45 lbs
Set #2 — 55 lbs
Set #3 — 65 lbs
Set #4 — 70 lbs
Set #5 — 75 lbs
Set #6 — 45 lbs.

In between each set, rest 45 seconds. For the Bodyweight Squats, Squat Jumps + Bulgarian Squats — simply complete these exercises with no weight + use them as *active recovery* in between your heavy lifts : ) Enjoy!

This workout is from the CHAARG Spring Break FitPlan. Follow our journey by searching #CHAARGSBFP on instagram. While the CHAARG FitPlan registration is closed, every #WorkoutWednesday we will share one of the workouts from the FitPlan, so that those not participating can get a lil’ taste of the burn [+ hopefully join us next time!].


Smith Machine Squats
Bodyweight Squats
DB Lunges
Squat Jumps
DB Reverse Lunges
Bulgarian Squats

Let us know what you think by tagging us on instagram — @CHAARG + #inCHAARG!

++, Elisabeth

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