Falling Deeper In Love With Trevor Hall

I had the pleasure [honor? priviledge— idk the right word, but it was incredible] of seeing Trevor Hall on his A Night In The Village Tour — an acoustic story telling tour with a Q+A at the end. It was an such a beautiful intimate space, too [literally called SPACE — they are known for hosting emerging artists who eventually make it *big*].

I’ve always loved his music — perfect for yoga, if you haven’t listened to him before… my favorite songs are: The Lime TreeWhat I Know, + Green Mountain State. BUT, after listening to him on The Balanced Blonde’s podcast on Saturn Returns, Music, Astrology, + Inspiration, ++ this event, I have a whole new appreciation//love for him. He is such a beautiful human + his wife is incredible, too — check out her photography work.

Anyways, during the Q+A, Isaac asked:

It seems like you’ve already done a lot of good in the world — how do you + your wife hope to use your voice to impact the environmental, social, + spiritual causes that are important to you?

I wish I had Trevor’s answer videotaped, but I’ll do my best to recap ; ). He shared that him + his wife are extremely passionate about preserving sacred culture. This was the result of Trevor traveling to India, studying under a Baul musician [Bengali mystic musician]. In Baul culture, they live a life in the present moment [they don’t even write their music down] — all of their songs are about the heart, the soul, + the Earth. Throughout the trip he truly healed himself ++ opened his eyes to the power of human connection.

Trevor talked about how most of the United States is wrapped up in social media, only focusing on him//herself. Consciously or unconsciously, in our minds, we are asking ourself — “what kind of image do I want to project to the world?” It’s never the full truth. How can we possibly share the depth of ourselves on social media anyways? It’s impossible. However, we are tied to our devices, literally addicted. The people who created apps of course want us to have an addictive behavior + keep coming back— read the book “Hooked” for more on this.

In addition, we aren’t truly connecting with humans on social media. We think we are, + through Instagram stories we feel like we know the person… but watching peoples’ stories vs hanging out with them in real life is incredibly different. That is why many of us feel like we are missing something — we are missing human connection

The life + philosophy of the people of India resonated with Trevor, + he wanted to bring it to others through his music, ++ his wife, through photography. Sharing the stories of the people in India [+ Nepal] have inspired his listeners to start the journey on their own spiritual seeking, connecting with themselves + the world around them.

While Trevor’s passion is sharing + preserving sacred culture, he shared that in order to find your passion you must get to know your “darkness.” Getting comfortable with your fears + the parts of you that are scared to come out will allow yourself to grow. Many of us want to stay in the *comfort zone* — but life is like a pendulum… the higher the low, the greater we can swing to the high. If we only want to stay in one place, we will eventually be stuck + feel unsatisfied.

There’s a stigma associated with negative emotions [just be happy all the time!] — but pain, sadness, + suffering are natural human emotions. By denying ourselves these emotions, we are limiting human expression. ALSO, if we truly take time to understand the pain, it can be used as fuel to change what is hurting.

How do we do this?

Ask yourself: What feels exciting to you? What’s serving you? What feels expansive to you? What feels a little scary, but something that’s been on your mind? How can you be of service? What’s the next right thing to do? What’s weighing you down in life? What feels closest to your highest truth?

[Side story — in yoga class tonight, the theme was *discomfort*. The instructor observed that basically NOWHERE in life do we try to get close to discomfort…. yet we do that all the time in yoga — moving deeper into postures, + breathing into our tightness until the tension starts to release. I was like, woah, never really thought about that. We are literally actively seeking discomfort to eventually ease the pain in every single yoga class…. let’s bring yoga outside of the studio, shall we ; )]

We all have a voice + even if we aren’t a musician — it’s so important to authentically + fully express ourselves— through how we engage with others, social media, what we wear, our environment, etc

If you are feeling stuck, take a retreat into solitude.

One of Trevor’s inspirations, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said: “One could not be in the world continually. From time to time, one had to retreat into solitude. It could be for a day, a month, a year.”

Rooting for you,

++ Elisabeth

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