Live Life Without a Filter

When you go on social media do you find that you compare yourself to others? Do you look at other people + make negative comments about yourself? A little while ago, I noticed every time I went on my personal insta I compared myself to others. Social media was exposing me to millions of people I didn’t know, yet I would compare myself to them. I compared body shapes, complexions, number of likes, life experiences, accomplishments, etc.

After realizing what I was doing, I started asking myself why? Is it beneficial in any way to compare someone else to me or am I just hurting myself? I decided the constant comparison isn’t beneficial + only negatively affected how I view myself. The only person I am guaranteed to have forever is myself, so I should love myself rather than tear myself down while looking at other people.

Looking at other people’s social media can be motivating or empowering + social media platforms can be a great tool for connecting with others ++ making an impact. Yet, we should be mindful of the impact scrolling through social media has on us + whether it’s negative or positive.

When we compare ourselves to others on social media, it’s not a fair comparison. A lot of people’s social media pages give a false perception of their lives because it’s highlights, not the whole story. Therefore, if you’re comparing yourself to them, you’re comparing yourself to the *best* parts of them.

When we perceive that we or others look a certain way, it has an effect on us. There’s a new term called “Snapchat Dysmorphia” [read more about it here!] — when people view themselves as better looking in a filtered photo than in reality + want to reflect the filtered person in the picture, causing numerous people to undergo cosmetic surgery to look like their snapchat filters. In the article linked above, Dr. Patrick Byrne explains how taking multiple filtered photos of yourself contributes to a large array of unreliable photos of yourself. Once people pick out all of their “flaws”, they then compare their image of themselves to other peoples’ photos, whose images are usually also retouched ++ different from reality. These images being presented as reality causes us to try to obtain an unattainable image.

Growing up in this society, we are constantly shown “ideal” body types which men ++ women are supposed to strive for. Social media has added to societal pressure by allowing people to like + follow others’ lives, causing many people to be concerned about how many likes a post gets, the number of followers a person has, how many people watch an Instagram//Snapchat story — like it’s a big competition. In the grand scheme of things, we need to be mindful of if these things really matter? We should aim to be free of these societal pressures + be who we want to be, not who society is shaping us to be. You should post a picture on social media because you want to, not because you think it will get a lot of likes.

Social media was meant for sharing + connecting with others, not competing with each other. Your life is your own personal story — share it + live it the way you want to.

We encourage you to be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. Don’t tear yourself down when looking at others — you don’t have to be the best or reflect society’s perfect image, you just have to be you + that is enough. 

We also encourage you to not just think positively about yourself, but share that positivity with others! Social media was made for sharing, so we want to see you share 3 things you love about yourself on your #inCHAARG insta! Tell the whole community what makes you the incredible CHAARG girl you are + spread the love!

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