Live In The Grey

I’m an absolute quote junkie.

Ever since I was little I collected quotes. It started with Xanga — copying + paste quotes in one huge word doc, printing them all out, + then CUTTING them + gluing them into a “quote book” [yeah, let’s all imagine how long that took…]. Then, it gravitated towards quote posters — huge quote posters. My friend + I would exchange these “quote posters” with one another + hang them up in our rooms.

As I’ve gotten older + the world became *tech-forward* [or tech-obsessed, I should say… I’m guilty of it, too] — I screenshot them from Instagram or Pinterest + *hope* that I find them later among my 3000+ pictures on my phone.

The good ones, though, I write in journals or in my “notes” section on my phone… I even have one long quote in particular “saved as new” in my email inbox that I read whenever I’m having a difficult day or need inspiration.

Below is a quote that I found around this time a few years ago that’s really stuck to me — it’s one of those “journal-worthy” quotes ; ). It’s an important quote for us all to think about — at any time of the year, but I think it’s particular fitting around graduation…

Are you happy?
Do you work to live? Or do you live what you love?
What you think is impossible — is not.
It is a challenge.
What you think is play — is not.
It is your passion.
You have ambition. You are thinkers. Doers. Believers.
But we have fear.
That keeps us from doing what we love.
Risk scares us — but it shouldn’t.
Risk makes life remarkable/
++ Fear can be defeated.
Our lives are not separated into work or play.
Our lives are not separated into black or white.
Live in the grey.

Pause + then read it again.

“Risk scares us — but it shouldn’t. Risk makes life remarkable.”

RISK. Risk is scary! Believe me, I know. However, I truly don’t believe I would be where I am [+ CHAARG probably wouldn’t exist] if I hadn’t taken a leap of faith + pursued CHAARG after graduation [if you don’t know my story, you can read it here].

We live in such an amazing era where young adults are not afraid to go the path less traveled. So many people I know are deciding to pack up their bags + travel for a bit… teach abroad… freelance… go back to school + pursue a completely unrelated degree to their undergrad because they found a newfound passion… etc. There is now a push to truly find a job you LOVE vs one that “pays the bills” — it’s an exciting time for all of us.

Whatever you path may be, please remember this: do what you love. Your “work” takes up a HUGE chunk of your life. You don’t want to spend all of that time dreading work or simply showing up + going through the motions. You don’t want to live for the weekends — you want to wake up excited for every single day — regardless of what day of the week it may be.

Whether you are graduating in the upcoming weeks, or if you have a couple years of college left [or even if you are post-grad!]… whether you know exactly what you want to do post-graduation, or not… I encourage you to start pursuing what makes you happy.

Maybe it’s taking an art class this summer. Maybe it’s starting a food blog. Maybe it’s studying for a personal training certificate. If you are thinkingabout doing something… #JUSTDOIT. You never know where it may lead. Like the quote says, our lives are not separated into work or play. LIVE THE GREY.

++ never forget, WE are here to support you: always + forever. There are thousands of women in this community + chances are, there’s someone who is doing something you are passionate about — speak up + reach out! I guarantee your fellow CHAARG girls would be happy to help you [I promise, we all stalk each other’s #inCHAARG instagram accounts : )].

Rooting for you always,

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