Let’s Play A Game: Values =Time

I’ve been starting to listen to podcasts while I run. While I love spacing out ++ listening to music on long runs, I’m making *learning* a priority this year. As we all know, time is limited [+ the days//weeks//months move by SO.FAST.]… so, I’m working on what to say yes + no to, ++ making sure that my *yes* is in line with my goals + values. Saying no opens up space for more yes ++ I want to always say yes with full commitment ++ enthusiasm.

So, while I’ve been saying no to music on runs [I can listen to music at work, or at home while I clean… aha #goalz : )]… I’ve been saying yes to podcasts ++ that’s been exciting to me. I’m in love with James Altucher’s podcast ++ his most recent one with Jairek Robbins [yep, that’s Tony Robbins’ son] really hit home — You’re Overworked, Tired, + Can’t Turn Off Your Mind… Try This.

He asked: What’s most important to you in life? Name the top 5.

Answer for yourself right now.

My top 5…
#1] Faith//Spirituality
#2] Relationships [Family + Friends] #3] Health
#4] Creating [esp. for CHAARG] #5] Learning [esp. for CHAARG]

Now… here’s the *game* — log everything you do for the next 7 days… everything. This has been my day so far…

540 Commute
6 Workout
7 Shower//Get Ready
725 Commute
750 Breakfast
8 Read//Journal
845 Commute
9 Call + Meeting With Sarah
1030 Break
11 Write Newsletter [what I’m doing now : )]

++ here’s the hard part: measure your thoughts. What are you thinking about during your commute… during breakfast… during time with friends? From The Universe Has Your Back [literally just read this quote this morning : )]: There are no idle thoughts. All thinking produces form at some level. When you think positive + loving thoughts + use empowering words, you feel good. But when you focus your thoughts + words on lack, judgment, + separation, you feel terrible. Your thoughts + words can affect your nervous system, your energy, + really, your entire life experience.

Now, look at your experiences + your thoughts. Do they match up with your top 5 values? For many of us, work + school take up a majority of our day… ++ that’s normal! However, you still have plenty of space within your day to reach your goals ++ become the best version of yourself. How do you spend that time? Are you improving a little every day? Every day matters… don’t forget that. ❤

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