9 Lessons From The Documentary “Embrace”

The body image movement is in full effect + we are falling more ++ more in love with our beautiful bodies every single day. Of course, we are always each other’s cheerleaders + full-time supporters in the CHAARG community. However, it is also AMAZING  to have public figures who are doing inspiring things to spread the message of body positivity. If you tuned into The CHAARG Podcast for the body image episode, you have heard Elisabeth mention Taryn Brumfitt + her uplifting documentary, Embrace.

Taryn Brumfitt, body image activist + founder of the Body Image Movement, is doing an incredible job of this by sharing her journey towards self-love + how she learned to love her own body. Her mission [+ the goal of Embrace The Documentary] is to redefine ideals of beauty all around the world through real, raw, + moving lessons about loving our bodies.

#1] SAY NO TO:

— Excessive *photoshopping* of body images in the media
— Unrealistic body images as promoted by media // corporations
— Weight determining your health
— Sexualization of girls in the media // modern culture
— Objectification of women
— Women’s insecurity as a target


Be loyal to your body, love your body, own your body. Do good things for your body. Enough said.


This specifically applies to too much of anything negative — too much time, too much energy, too much obsession. It’s not worth it. There’s no need to worry about wishing for more this, less of that, different whatever, when you can be loving your body + living!


Food is fuel for your body, so always remember to treat it right. Keeping this mindset will allow you to move better + be healthy on YOUR own terms! What are you fueling in your life + why?


Food should bring joy to your life! It brings people together + it is a necessity of life. Love good food + enjoy it! We’re lucky to be able to feed our bodies whenever we need to, so let the food ya eat make you feel free, happy, + balanced.


Love//appreciate your amazing body for all the incredible things it can do, not only how it looks. Never forget how awesome your body is : )


Practice seeing yourself in many different lights + reflections to become more comfortable with yourself as you are. Every blemish or imperfection is a sign that life is always changing, ++ that is beautiful.


Turn any negativity into positivity + share it all with your fellow CHAARGies. Empower each other, because we’re all in this body-empowerment journey together. Energy is contagious, so we might as well make it positive.


Below are a few incredible examples of affirmations that women from the documentary tell themselves every day. Self-talk is SO important — be aware of how you talk to yourself + how you let your friends talk about each other! Pick an affirmation that makes you feel full, happy, + that you are ENOUGH just the way you are.

  • “My body is a shapeshifter + it’s beautiful.”
  • “My body is *mine* — it’s my home, my friend, + my soul’s mate.”
  • “My body is big, beautiful, + dangerously curvy.” ; )

Don’t waste a single day feeling unworthy in your body — instead, choose to embrace it.

++ Cassie [@cassiem_inchaarg] // Belmont University

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